Dubai: Report accidents on app as new service is announced

It seeks to save customers’ time and effort

By Wam

Published: Mon 12 Sep 2022, 2:52 PM

Last updated: Tue 13 Sep 2022, 3:32 PM

The DubaiNow app has added a new feature in which it will allow users to report minor accidents.

The service has been added to the 'Vehicles and Security Services' section of the application.

The new service seeks to save customers’ time and effort, allowing them to report minor traffic accidents easily through the application, instead of waiting for the police to arrive at the scene or having to go to police stations.

Customers will be able to report minor traffic accidents and receive a Dubai Police report by email or text message, by following a simple, easy, and quick procedure.

Users can log in with UAE PASS onto the DubaiNow application, which will automatically determine their geographic location. They can then enter the vehicle details and number, along with the cause of the accident and an image of the damage caused by the accident.

Matar AlHemeiri, CEO, Smart Dubai Government Establishment, said, "The DubaiNow application has come a long way since its initial launch, providing comprehensive government services and transactions from a single, easily accessible platform that is available any time and from anywhere. The app makes people’s lives easier and creates exceptional everyday experiences, in line with the objectives of Dubai’s digital transformation strategy, which aims to ensure the happiness and well-being of the community through advanced technology."

"We are happy to announce a new and important addition to the list of services available on the DubaiNow application, in partnership with Dubai Police, that allows users to report accidents," he added.

"We appreciate the great role various government entities have played in expanding the app’s services and offering quick and easy solutions to meet people’s present and future needs. DubaiNow is designed to be a major part of Dubai residents’ and visitors’ lives, and we have set ambitious plans to continuously develop the application."

Major General Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, Director of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police, confirmed Dubai Police’s keenness to deliver its policing services to customers and facilitate the process of finalizing their transactions efficiently and effectively.

"Offering the service to report minor traffic accidents to users of the DubaiNow app will make it easier for Dubai motorists and road users to benefit from this exceptional service, which significantly reduces waiting times," he said.

Brigadier Al Razooqi went on to explain that the new service is a smart feature that cuts waiting time, saves efforts for police patrols, reduces traffic jams, and enables motorists to report minor accidents easily. "The service requires the driver to access the DubaiNow app, select the feature to report minor traffic accidents and enter the necessary data, such as vehicle information and driver’s license numbers of the parties involved in the accident, along with photographs from the scene. Users can then wait to receive the police report via their registered emails, which can then be raised to their insurance companies."


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