Dubai Metro Route 2020: Why these residents are ditching their cars


Dubai - Sunil K, an engineer, who has been in Dubai for 16 years now, and lives in Al Furjan, is one such resident who has switched from his car to the Metro.


James Jose

Published: Tue 31 Aug 2021, 6:16 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Sep 2021, 6:33 AM

With the first train ready to cruise into Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station on Wednesday — Dubai’s biggest underground Metro station — residents are hailing Route 2020 as a huge blessing, with some even planning to ditch their cars.

While most residents said it has made daily commute easier and convenient, some have gone as far as ditching their cars in favour of the Metro ever since Route 2020 began operations on January 1.

Dubai: Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station to open on September 1

Sunil K, an engineer, who has been in Dubai for 16 years now, and lives in Al Furjan, is one such resident who has switched from his car to the Metro. “My office is in Barsha Heights and once Route 2020 opened, I started taking the Metro from Al Furjan Metro Station to get off at Dubai Internet City. It is very convenient for me and it is a good exercise as it is a 10-minute walk from my home to the Metro station. Also, I don’t have to spend on fuel, so there are twin benefits,” said Sunil.

Edward, who doesn’t drive, has used Dubai’s efficient public transport system for 17 years now. The graphic designer from Discovery Gardens said that Route 2020 has made it convenient for him to get to office in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT). “It’s really helpful for me, because I’m staying in Discovery Gardens, and since I don’t drive, I have to rely on a taxi, bus or the Metro, if I have to travel to the city. I work at JLT and I used to take a taxi or bus to the Ibn Battuta Metro Station, or sometimes take a taxi directly to JLT. These were the options I had earlier, but now, with Route 2020, opening up, it has become very convenient. It is just a five-minute walk to The Gardens Metro Station and I’m now able to reach my workplace quicker. Route 2020 has reduced my commuting time considerably,” said Edward.

Dubai Metro Route 2020: 4 new stations open for public

“Even if I have to go to town, like maybe Al Rashidiya, it is so convenient because it is a straight line. And it is the same when I return home from wherever I am. Also, getting to Dubai Investments Park was tough as it was quite isolated. Now, it is much easier to reach DIP. With Discovery Gardens and The Gardens being a huge residential area, it helps a lot of people who don’t drive,” he added.

Mrinmay, another Discovery Gardens resident, also called Route 2020 a blessing. “The thing is you don’t get stuck in traffic, you know exactly what time you can start and what time you can reach your destination. Before, if I had to get to Al Karama quickly, I used to take a taxi. Before, when I used to work at Al Quoz, it was not easy as I had to wait for the bus and then take the Metro. So, it would actually take a lot of time until I reached office, and it would take me about 45 minutes to an hour depending on when I got the bus,” said Mrinmay, who has been in Dubai for 10 years.

Dubai: Residents near Route 2020 welcome new Metro stations, easier commutes

“Now, it is a short walk to the Metro station, which is an added benefit for my health, and it takes me about 45 minutes from home till my current workplace in Dubai Healthcare City. Another benefit is that I to sit while heading to work, which makes it more comfortable. We are blessed to be staying here and being able to use Route 2020. It also gives me a wider scope at work and makes life a lot easier,” said the gallery manager.

New station opens before schedule

The Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station was scheduled to open during Expo 2020, but is being opened a month before the world’s greatest show.

The station, which is part of Route 2020, will connect residential communities such as IMPZ, Dubai Production City, and Dubai Sports City, among others, to the Metro network.

The new station spans an area of 28,700 square metres. It can serve 11,555 riders per hour during peak times, and about 250,000 per day. It has two boarding platforms, four bus stops, 20 taxi stands and 400 free parking lots, including 20 for people of determination.

The opening of the station comes eight months after the launch of Route 2020. The route’s maiden journey began with four stations: Jebel Ali (a transfer station on the Red Line), The Gardens, The Discovery Gardens, and Al Furjan. Dubai Investments Park and Expo 2020 stations were opened in June this year.

The stations on the route have benefitted thousands of residents in communities like Al Furjan, DIP and Discovery Gardens and helped them connect with the heart of Dubai.

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