Dubai: Driving licence permits for e-scooters; all the new rules explained

The mode of transport has become more popular as petrol prices have been successively hiked over recent months

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

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Published: Sun 3 Apr 2022, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Fri 8 Apr 2022, 5:45 PM

E-scooter riders may soon need to get a ‘driving licence permit’ in Dubai, it was announced last week. This was among a string of new rules regulating the use of e-scooters in the Emirate.

The Dubai Police had earlier this year reported how “several” e-bike riders were involved in “severe accidents” due to negligence and non-compliance with traffic rules.

With petrol prices being successively hiked over recent months — including the latest by 50 fils per litre for April — e-scooter dealers are reporting brisk sales. Many residents are using a combination of public transport and e-bikes for their home-to-office commutes.

With demand soaring, new rules have been formulated to keep riders and other road users safe. Here is all you need to know.

What do we know about the driving licence permit for e-scooters in Dubai?

Driving licence permits will be issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). A mechanism for getting one has not been specified yet.

The Executive Resolution issued last week states that people are not to ride “electric scooters, or any other type of bikes as specified by the Authority (RTA) without receiving a permit (driving license permit)”.

Another sentence in the resolution states: “A driving licence is essential to ride electric scooters.”

The resolution confirms that the RTA will also issue licences for “e-scooters or any other form of bikes in accordance with the decisions issued by RTA’s Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors”.

Further details about getting a licence permit are expected to be announced soon.

Where can e-scooters be used?

Only on designated tracks, according to the resolution. “Electric scooters provided for rentals by companies or individuals should only be used in the areas and tracks designated for them by RTA.”

They must not be used on jogging or walking tracks.

What is the maximum speed limit for e-scooters?

According to the RTA website, the maximum speed limit must be set at 20kmph.

Are pillion riders allowed?

Pillion riders or anything that causes an imbalance on an e-scooter is prohibited.

What are the three basic rules for e-bike riders?

1. Reflective vests and helmets are a must.

2. They must maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians.

3. They must dismount while crossing pedestrian crossings.

Where must e-bikes be parked?

In designated parking spaces (if any). Parking in non-designated areas and causing obstructions to vehicles, pedestrians and users of public space is strictly prohibited.

What is the minimum age for e-bike riders?

Riders below 16 years are not permitted to ride an electric bike or electric scooter or any other type of bike specified by the RTA.

What should riders do in case of accidents?

They should report the incident to the police, RTA or ambulance services depending on the nature of the accident.


What are the penalties for breaking the rules?

Failure to adhere to laws and regulations can result in penalties and fines. “These can include confiscation of the bike for 30 days in case of repeat violations within a year of the first violation and bans on riding the bike for specific periods. In case the violation is committed by someone under the age of 18, his or her parent or legal guardian will be responsible for paying any fine. Failure to pay the fine will lead to confiscation of the bike (similar to the regulation for confiscation of the vehicle),”the resolution states.

What are the mandatory technical requirements of e-bikes?

  • Head and rear lights.
  • Horn fixed on the steering arm (T-bar).
  • Roadworthy tyres.
  • Brakes on the front and back tyres.


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