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Dubai: Award to recognise 10 best delivery riders

It motivates delivery drivers to abide by the traffic regulations: RTA


A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 27 Feb 2022, 11:25 AM

Last updated: Sun 27 Feb 2022, 11:39 AM

A new award announced in Dubai aims to encourage delivery service companies and drivers to stick to traffic rules and boost road safety. The award also seeks to increase the level of customer services provided by delivery companies.

The Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Delivery Service Excellence Award has two categories. The first aims to recognise the best two companies in delivery services; and the best two via smart platforms and apps.

The second category is for professional drivers and honours the best 10 drivers annually.

The authority said it is committed to streamlining the delivery services market to enhance traffic safety for cyclists and road users.

The award “nurtures a competitive environment among delivery companies, steps up quality and excellence practices of customers service, and improves the traffic safety level”.

“It also motivates delivery drivers to abide by the traffic regulations,” the RTA said.


Companies will be judged on compliance with health, safety, environment and quality standards; abiding by RTA’s requirements and the top international practices; committing to using advanced technologies and continuous training; and improving customers satisfaction ratings.

The criteria for selecting the best riders include a “clean record in terms of complaints, offences and accidents; in addition to a positive assessment of the employee’s performance”.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to an upsurge in the demand for delivery service companies to meet the public needs for goods and products.

The RTA had published a manual to regulate the delivery service activity. It set the specifications and conditions for registering and licensing motorcycles and drivers, which include comprehensive insurance of motorcycles.

In cooperation with drivers’ licensing institutes, the RTA trained about 10,000 motorbike drivers to get them acquainted with the conditions and obligations that should be adhered to when driving motorcycles, especially observing the speed limits and avoiding driving in fast lanes.


The manual also set the conditions of licensing firms, the delivery process, training and drivers along with the specifications of the delivery boxes and driver uniforms. It also set the conditions for contracting with delivery companies according to the international standards to ensure high safety and quality, reduce traffic incidents and improve the level of customer services.

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