Abu Dhabi tells bicycle riders to follow safety guidelines

Abu Dhabi - Cyclists have been urged to use service roads and cycling tracks and avoid main roads and crowded areas.

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Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Thu 26 Nov 2020, 9:56 AM

Cyclists in Abu Dhabi have been told by the authorities to adhere to safety guidelines while riding bicycles in the city in order to protect themselves other road users.

Abu Dhabi Police is encouraging residents to use bicycles for commuting as it aims to reduce the use of cars and buses in its efforts to protect the environment and public health by reducing carbon emissions.

The authorities, however, noted that it was important for the cyclists to follow safety rules, including wearing helmets, arm and knee pads and high visibility vests.

Bicycles should also be fitted with front and rear lights and shouldn’t carry luggage, cargo or goods that might affect their balance of the cycle.

Cyclists have been urged to ride on service roads and cycling tracks. Cyclists riding on pedestrian walkways should do so with caution to avoid colliding with people. Authorities have also asked cyclists to avoid crowded areas and warned them against riding on main roads.

Police stressed the need for cyclists to be attentive and to ride with caution.

Residents have been warned to deter from 'bad behaviour' while riding bicycles, and adhere to all safety rules whether using bicycles for commuting or for delivering groceries in residential neighbourhoods.

Abu Dhabi has in the recent months witnessed growing groups of cyclists in different areas of the city riding their bicycles, especially during the evenings and on the weekends, for fun and to keep fit.

Below are a few safety rules to follow while riding in the Capital:

- Wear helmets, arm and knee pads.

- Install indicator lights (white) in the front of bicycles and facing forward and red lights in the rear facing backward.

- Fix rear reflectors to alert other road users.

- Use service roads and dedicated cycling tracks. Avoid riding on main road and crowded areas.

- Adhere to traffic rules on roads.

- Do not carry heavy loads that affect the balance of the bicycle.


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