This Dubai salon is offering free haircuts if you lost your job due to Covid-19 Filed on September 13, 2020 | Last updated on September 13, 2020 at 04.18 pm

The goodwill campaign will run till the end of October

Since the start of the pandemic, we've been hearing of layoffs, pay cuts, financial woes and more. But on the flip side, we're also seeing beautiful community stories of organisations and individuals alike stepping forward to put a smile back on people's faces - even if in little ways.

Dubai salon That Hair Tho joined the ranks of the latter today when they announced they'd be offering a complimentary haircut, wash and blow-dry to any female in the city who's lost her job or is leaving the country due to Covid-19. The goodwill gesture is also being made available to women who have upcoming job interviews.

Salon manager Lucinda Gill said, "With the current situation, everyone is finding things difficult. We wanted to do something to give bac to those who'd lost their jobs as a result of the ongoing pandemic." Especially if they've got interviews coming up, Lucinda noted a fresh haircut will keep them looking presentable and give them an extra shot of confidence.

In order to book, customers just need to produce some kind of evidence of their situation. "Any sort of letter of unemployment, resignation or termination to indicate that they're not working at the moment would help," said Lucinda. "We're also offering 40 per cent off the entire bill for all Emirates staff, given their recent struggles," she added.

The campaign - which is set to run for two months till the end of October - is not the first of its kind for the salon. Last summer, That Hair Tho extended a similar gesture of goodwill to the city's nannies and domestic helpers who, as Lucinda put it, help families around time and never have much time for themselves. "Giving back is 100 per cent at the core of our ethos," she said.

Slots are limited to three a day, so booking in advance is recommended.


Karen Ann Monsy

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