The local theatre scene is buzzing with fresh tales

Dubai - The summer season is offering shows for everyone, with fresh concepts, storylines and more.

A scene from The Permanent Way
A scene from The Permanent Way

Published: Thu 20 May 2021, 8:16 PM

Last updated: Fri 21 May 2021, 11:51 AM

The theatre scene in the city is looking up once again. While in the recent past, many shows were held, and some even witnessed full capacities with social-distancing in place, the summer season is offering shows for everyone, with fresh concepts, storylines and more.

Keeping the stories alive

City-based writer and director Mahua Krishnadev’s next offering Baat Karamaat is an extension of her belief that stories shape us. A theatrical production inspired by the folk tales of an era gone by, the talent promises to transfer you to the time when you heard tales lying down in your granny’s lap. From Aladin’s genie in the lamp to the Ali Baba’s cave full of treasure, they would bring to stage fables that you’d grown up with. It brings together a host of the city’s talented actors. Ask them what does a story mean to them and they say curiosity, magic, identity, character, courage, and more.

On: 27, 28, 29 May, 8pm

At: The Junction, Alserkal Avenue

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Exploring newer concepts

Ever heard of verbatim theatre production? It’s the concept where the script is constructed from the testimonies of people who have lived through an event. Dubai Drama Group is bringing The Permanent Way by playwright, screenwriter, and theatre and film director, David Hare. It would also be the first play to be performed on a traverse or ‘catwalk’ stage, with audience members witnessing the action from all angles. The play explores the tragic consequences of the British government’s decision to privatise the country’s railways. From the passing of the Railways Act 1993 to the four devastating crashes that followed, the play collates the insightful and heart-wrenching accounts of those most intimately involved. From the surviving passengers to bereaved relatives, first responders and government ministers, their voices bear witness to a story of greed, incompetence and mismanagement on a national scale.

On: 21, 22 May, 7.30 pm, with a matinee show (3 pm) on 22 May

At: Warehouse Four, Al Quoz

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Bringing new languages to the fore

Melpomene’s Workshop Theater’s Fifth Anniversary Show, Russian Theater Spring is your chance to watch theatre in a new language. The line-up for the Russian plays include Bride’s Room by V. Krasnogorov, a touching comedy about love and hate, friendship and betrayal, misunderstandings and relationships; Halo by A. Stroganov, a humorous paradox; Nemimora by K. Fine, a tragicomedy of relationships that takes place in the courtyard of an abandoned house; and Colors by P. Arie, a colourful fantasy that will make you laugh and cry, and most importantly, understand the very essence of life.

On: 21 May, 11am, 3.30pm, and 6.45pm and 28 May, 7pm

At: The Theatre, Mall of the Emirates

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