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Happy Family

DUBAI — It was staggering to know that the player who dominates rivals with brutal shots never raises the voice above a whisper.

By Rituraj Borkakoty

Published: Tue 16 Feb 2010, 12:07 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 8:53 AM

Meet Venus Williams, the seven-time Grand Slam champion and the elder of the Williams sisters, and she will show her delicate side.

Not the one though to mesmerise you with those beautifully executed lobs on the court, but off it, as the scribes found out on a pleasant afternoon at the lawns of the Dubai Aviation Club, the five-time Wimbledon champion could be as charming as they come.

“We have been blessed, you know. I am really happy with what I have achieved in my life. And I really feel happy for my sister,” she replied to a query asked about her more successful sister, Serena.

“I have already achieved enough in my life. I can’t ask for more. As a family, it really feels great that we have been able to become so successful in tennis.”

Age is not exactly on her side, but the 29-year-old is still as hopeful as ever about her future.

“I am motivated. Every time I play in the tournaments, my aim has always been the same. I want to do well. I am still improving you know. The hunger is always there to win more matches, more tournaments. But I have to be realistic. I have to take care of my physical condition as well. But I feel no pressure at the moment.

“That’s tennis, you know. Every point is so different, every match is so different. Tennis is never dull. It inspires me to improve my game. It’s about maintaining standards. Once you set high standards for yourself, you just need to work hard to maintain the same level.”

A new decade has arrived and yet the Williams have remained the biggest attraction in the women’s game.

The secret, as Venus says, lies in enjoying the game. “We do love playing with and against each other. It’s about the enjoying the game. That’s why I believe we have been so successful.”

Venus is enjoying her position as the defending champion in Dubai. “I am really happy that I won the title here last year. I definitely want to add another title.”

It seems her rivals in Dubai would not enjoy when she begins to make telling statements on the court!


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