Which of these top Facebook games are you playing?

Which of these top Facebook games are you playing?
Tired of or sticking to one or so games? Trust us, there's a gazillion games on Facebook.

Dubai - 'Candy Crush' continues to dominate social media network's digital playground

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Wed 21 Sep 2016, 4:05 PM

Last updated: Thu 22 Sep 2016, 7:16 AM

In the wake of Facebook announcing its intentions to have fun in the digital playground by developing its own gaming platform, we take a look at the top games on the social media giant.
As of May 2016, here are the top gaming apps based on daily active users:

Seems like a tight battle between the Candy Crush games (yes, a lot are still playing Candy Crush) and Clash of Clans.
Now look at it this time from a monthly-average-user point of view:

Clearly, we get who's crushing the competition here (pun intended).
It will be interesting how this will shape up once Facebook's gaming platform comes into fruition.
- alvin@khaleejtimes.com

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