WATCH: Why you should install a dash camera

WATCH: Why you should install a dash camera

Dashboard cameras can motorists help the police in many ways including insurance fraudsters, thieves of car number plates and other such criminals.

The UAE supported the installation of dash cameras about a fortnight ago. In fact, authorities have even urged motorists to invest in one to help the law nab those who deliberately jump in front of vehicles to claim blood money.
This announcement comes after a person was found to have jumped in front of vehicles twice on two separate occasions in a month.
Many cases of jaywalking have become a problem in the UAE, especially in the more crowded parts of Sharjah and Dubai. Frequent jaywalkers are a motorist's nightmare.
The internet is full of videos recorded on dashboard cameras. Here are a few compilations to help you understand the importance of these gadgets. 
Capture accidents

Record footage of the unexpected
Almost every one in Russia has a dash cam, according to Not every day will you catch a fraudster, bust because on some days, you might also have the chance to record a an extraordinary sight. 

Document a road trip

(With inputs from Mustafa Al Zarooni)

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