Lenovo goes big with foldable, 5G PCs

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Lenovo goes big with foldable, 5G PCs

Beijing - The ThinkPadX1 and a working 5g computer were two of the biggest headline acts at the Lenovo Tech World 2019.


Abhishek Sengupta

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Published: Fri 15 Nov 2019, 9:14 AM

Last updated: Tue 1 Sep 2020, 4:29 PM

A day after Motorola announced the all-new foldable Razr phone in Beijing, its parent company Lenovo showcased "the world's first foldable PC" in the Chinese capital on Friday.
The ThinkPadX1 and a working 5g computer - both global firsts - were two of the biggest headline acts at the Lenovo Tech World 2019, the group's annual tech convention.
Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of the global fortune 500 company, opened the day's proceedings with a speech on how his company has been touching lives with smart technology. Moments later he held out the demo ThinkPad X1 in front of a packed audience at the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Centre here, claiming it to be the world's first foldable PC
Made for highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals, the X1, Yuanqing said, was not a phone, tablet, or familiar hybrid but in fact a full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen that is set to revolutionise the world of foldables and gadgets.
He also announced the launch of the Razr before unveiling what he described as the world's first working 5g computer with dual route quick charge, frequency adaptive antenna and a dual mode optimization for all frequency bands.
The world has already been witness to how the transition from 3G to 4G LTE has transformed the use smartphones and now it was time to sees the huge growth potential of 5G by enabling smarter, modern computing, Yuanqing said.
The two-day event that's been hosted by the Chinese group annually since 2015 ended in the capital on Friday.
YOGA Book C930
As the world's thinnest and lightest dual-screen device,1 the Yoga Book C930 tapers down to 4mm at its thinnest edge when open and 9.9mm when closed, while weighing under 775g. Offering up to 10 hours of battery life, it's small enough to take on grocery trips, tucked neatly into your shoulder bag, purse or satchel. 
Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage
This new category is for the future and is an entry-level product for smart home servers. It is a combination of data storage and management, helping users to easily manage multi-scenario, multi-product data collection, storage, intelligent management, remote sharing and other functions.
Tandem, the operating system and the Lenovo One, the first application 
Tandem is an operating system designed to solve the problem of device collaboration in the home. It focuses on three scenarios: device collaboration, user data penetration, and application ecosystem convergence. The system aims to establish a new intelligent collaborative operation across devices, operating systems, and scenarios in the IoT era. It will make real the interconnection of multiple devices including mobile phones, computers, tablets and IoT products.

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