Metaverse mania: 3 ways to experience the future in Dubai

With an eye on the future, the city is embracing AR and VR at a rapid clip as NFTs and blockchains lure digital nomads like never before


A Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 8:42 AM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 5:46 PM

Farewell, Facebook. Hello, Meta.

In end-October, 2021, Facebook’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook the company is changing its name to Meta to reflect its growing focus on the metaverse, which arouses a raft of emotions among digital nomads.

What is the metaverse?

For the uninitiated, the metaverse can be defined as a simulated digital ecosystem that uses both augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and blockchain coupled with concepts from social media to increase user interaction.

Metaverse will change the world around us.

How will it impact our world?

  • Users will have an immersive reality to live in
  • A brave new world for content creators who dabble in three-dimensional (3D) modelling and VR
  • It opens up a new economy where wealth can be created and treated by using a blockchain currency
  • Data privacy, security, diversity and ethical issues are concerns around metaverse

How did metaverse originate?

The concept is over three-decade old. American science fiction author Neal Stephenson introduced metaverse in his 1992 novel 'Snow Crash', where metaverse helped users escape from a dystopian world in the near future.

Facebook was not the first company to think of metaverse. In 2017, a startup called Decentraland came up with a similar concept.

Dubai’s tryst with metaverse

In end-December, Dubai jumped on the metaverse bandwagon.

ColossalBit, a Dubai-based consulting, advisory, design and development firm for cryptocurrency, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced the launch of MetaTerrace that can be accessed through AR and VR.

It’s an alternative world where like-minded people can bond in NFT and cryptocurrency talks.

It aims to give a glimpse of the digital future.

The facility is housed at Central Park Towers in DIFC.

Perhaps, this is the future of dining.

Meanwhile, Metaverse Dubai is busy creating an all-encompassing platform that involves NFT’s blockchain trading, digital realty.

The concept is based on a world map of Dubai’s benchmark areas.

What's more, on January 25, the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced that it plans to bring the new technology right to your fingertips.

MOHAP has launched the world's first Metaverse customer happiness service centre at the Arab Health and Medlab Middle East Exhibition and Congress 2022.


This new virtual service will address customer needs in three-dimensional spaces in an easy way while enjoying a digital and interactive sensory experience.

The new offering will fulfil all related queries, services, and tasks without the customers visiting a physical customer happiness centre.

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