Gitex 2021: MoHAP’s high-tech digital services to enhance user experience

Dubai - One of the services allows users to save all their documents by creating a profile


Saman Haziq

Published: Wed 20 Oct 2021, 6:16 PM

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) is undergoing an e-transformation through the use of state-of-the-art digital services, which will ensure a fast and seamless customer experience.

The health body is showcasing one such feature at Gitex Global — a repository where documents submitted by a user will be saved once they create a profile. This will save time and effort for the user.

“The person has to create a profile and register on the ministry website where they upload all required documents just once and it will be saved in our system,” said a MoHAP representative at the Gitex stand.

The user can also user control what the service provider can see with regard to his or her personal information through the co-browsing feature.

“It is an exclusive support given by MoHAP doctors through video calls for certain categories of people such as people of determination and senior citizens who may have mobility issues, especially during Covid-19,” the representative explained.

The services also include a video-call and visual communication service, whereby a technical-support employee from the ministry can fill in the data for the customer, who can confirm the same in writing or voice, according to his/her preferences.

The MoHAP stand also showcases predictive services based on the user profile and the services they apply for.

“We are narrowing the journey of the user so they know what they are eligible for and how to apply for the service of their choice,” the representative said.

It also includes predictive support of the customer’s options by analysing their personal files, so that they don't upload any new documents, and accordingly, the system will anticipate the related services that the user may apply after that.

MoHAP also announced a novel way of health professionals assessment through the use of smart predictive technologies, and private health facility licensing approvals service.

The services aim to ensure the happiness of customers, improve their experience, reduce the duration of their transactions, in accordance with standards of quality, efficiency and transparency. They are also an attempt to keep abreast of the latest developments in smart services.

Improving quality

Samir Al-Khoury, director of IT department, MoHAP, said that the process of digitising services has achieved paradigm shifts to accelerate digital transformation, innovate solutions based on future technology to ensure the provision of the best services to customers and their participation in shaping the future of services.

He explained that using smart predictive technologies to analyse data comes as part of the development of health information systems, while maintaining the confidentiality of personal information for customers.

He added that these systems have an easy-to-use innovative interface to facilitate access to digital services developed by the ministry.


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He said the ministry is working relentlessly to improve and upgrade the quality of services to ensure customer happiness by providing faster, easier and more personalised services.

“The ministry has developed its systems and areas of specialisation and provided its services digitally in line with global transformations in the service sector. This contributes to saving time and effort and enhancing transparency and control in government transactions,” said Al-Khoury.

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