Apple iPhone X launch Live: Sales begin in UAE

Apple iPhone X launch Live: Sales begin in UAE
First owner of iPhone X in Dubai: Pinkesh Jaswani, first in line 

Apple superfans gathered in huge numbers to get their hands on iPhone X

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Fri 3 Nov 2017, 5:45 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Nov 2017, 2:43 PM

Apple started selling its hotly-anticipated iPhone X in the UAE on Friday morning, delighting a good-sized crowd, a number of which started lining up at 12 noon on Thursday. 
When Khaleej Times arrived at the scene at the Apple Store in The Dubai Mall, the number of customers already lined up numbered in the hundreds, gradually growing and filling up areas cordoned off as the 8am start of sales approached. 
The first walk-in customer was Pinkesh Jaswani, who said he came at 2pm on Thursday but was told that the queue would start at 4pm.

Amit Gopal, meanwhile, was the first customer who pre-booked to receive his new iPhone X.
"It's the iPhone X, we must have it," they told Khaleej Times.
Three Apple fans, Dilip Nair, Mohamed and Nikhil Joseph are relieved and super kicked to get their new iPhone X devices. They have been waiting for the past 12 hours!
Few fans have been in queues since last evening. We learnt that the first one to stand in line at the apple store in Dubai Mall was at 6.30pm on Thursday. Since then, many have gathered and formed massive lines to be among the first lucky ones. 
Ibrahim Alchamsi, the Al Ain man who was first in line for the iPhone 8 last month and who bought 12 units of that device, was also spotted - though this time he was in the second area cordoned off for Apple customers.
On Wednesday afternoon, Khaleej Times spotted five men from Uzbekistan at the Mall of the Emirates Apple Store, who said they started to line up at 12 noon. The iPhone X is Apple's most advanced smartphone to date, but is also the most expensive. It comes in only two storage options, 64GB and 256GB, priced at Dh4,099 and Dh4,729.
(Developing story; to be updated.)

First owner of iPhone X in Dubai: Amit Gopal first in reservation
First owner of iPhone X in Dubai: Amit Gopal first in reservation

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