Which is the Best European Residency-by-Investment Programme?

Discover the diverse landscape of European residency options with RIF Trust, your global experts in investment migration

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Published: Thu 14 Sep 2023, 10:29 AM

Investment migration can assist you in diversifying your assets. You can also expand your business horizons and secure a better future for your families. European countries offer some of the most sought-after Residency-by-Investment (RBI) programmes.

As a government-approved agent with a track record of over 6,000 successful clients and their families in matters of Residency and Citizenship by Investment, RIF Trust is a global business. In collaboration with Latitude Consultancy, they constitute Latitude Group and operate from offices across more than 20 countries. Latitude Group offers advice to their international clientele in 14 different languages..

A European Residency-by-Investment programme affords you access to a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, quality education, and various business opportunities. Greece, Malta, Portugal, and Spain are the market leaders in these Golden Visas.

Greece Residency-by-Investment Programme

Greece's Golden Visa offers permanent residence via investing in property. One of the major advantages is its low investment threshold. Benefits include Greece's rich history, stunning landscapes, and potential for real estate appreciation. Drawbacks are the Greek economy's volatility and bureaucratic processes that could pose challenges. Another concern is the need to maintain the investment indefinitely.

Malta Residency-by-Investment Programme

Malta has long been a leader in the RBI sector. The country's stability and strategic location serve as significant attractions. Malta has a strong economy, high-quality healthcare, and excellent English education options. This makes the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) a popular choice for families. Yet, programme drawbacks include longer processing times and the fact this does not offer a direct route to citizenship.

Portugal Residency-by-Investment Programme

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of the world's most established RBI programmes. Flexible investment options, including real estate and capital transfer, provide you with versatility. Portugal's vibrant culture, pleasant climate, and growing economy are alluring. Nevertheless, recent debates over potential changes to the programme might give you pause for thought. Another downside is that applications can take up to two years to process, owing to a backlog.

Spain Residency-by-Investment Programme

Spain's distinct regions and a dynamic economy ensure its RBI programme remains enticing. The growing Spanish real estate market encourages investment. The Spain Golden Visa is cost-effective. Yet the need to spend a considerable amount in the country to claim permanent residency is a turn-off.

Choosing a European Residency-by-Investment programme depends on your preferences and priorities. Greece is more affordable while Malta is a great all-round package. Portugal offers many options now but Spain is one of Europe's most livable countries.

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