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The Indus Hospital, the UAE branch recognising the need for youth engagement, in 2021, launched its Indus Youth Ambassador Programme (IYAP)

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By Maha Aamir

Published: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

The youth is our future. They are the main catalysts of change for a prosperous tomorrow. They are the agents who disrupt, build, instill, and implement the core values of any society. The youth are future pioneers whose engagement is cataclysmic for the transformation of social, moral, and economic ideals for generations to come. Progressive societies are those that not only recognise the youth as the harbingers of change, but also provide them with the platforms for the actualisation of their ideals.

The Indus Hospital, UAE branch, recognising the need for youth engagement, in 2021, launched its Indus Youth Ambassador Programme (IYAP). The programme focuses on making the youth cognizant of their surroundings and helps them realise their responsibility in impacting lives through social and humanitarian initiatives. IYAP focuses on harnessing the youth’s potential and gives them the opportunity to bring their ideas for societal progress to fruition.

The global pandemic has highlighted how fleeting life can be. It has given youth the audacity to dream big, the courage to aspire for the impossible, and the conviction to fight for causes they truly believe in. The power within these untapped curious minds has the potential to end any form of social inequity or human suffering. The IYAP is a platform for passionate young future leaders to rewrite the fate of millions of vulnerable Pakistanis and transform themselves into empathetic, conscientious, and kind human beings. It is a platform where thousands of young people can synergise with the singular objective of helping the underprivileged people of Pakistan get their basic healthcare rights. Free from the limitations of geographical borders, the programme acts as a funnel to help the youth channel their idealism, unrestrained energy, and creativity in selfless activities to serve humanity.

Pakistan is a developing country with a population of more than 220 million people. Half of Pakistan’s population is deprived of access to basic healthcare. As of now, the healthcare system of Pakistan is precariously inadequate to meet the healthcare needs of the ever-growing population, with only 0.6 beds available for every 1,000 expected patients. This signifies the need for the overall development of the healthcare infrastructure in the country. To curb the health inequity in Pakistan, our IYAP Ambassadors are working fervently to help Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN) provide quality healthcare, absolutely free of cost to the underserved across Pakistan.

Over the past 15 years, IHHN has grown into a beacon of hope for the poor, dispensing free and indiscriminate quality healthcare services across the nation. IHHN benefits over 5.4 million patients annually. The Indus Hospital, UAE branch has been established to act as a conduit between Pakistan and the UAE, while raising awareness about IHHN’s operations and its human impact.

According to the United Nations, the global youth population is expected to total 1.29 billion by 2030; therefore, it is imperative for us to mould our youth into responsible future leaders early in life. IYAP Ambassadors through their ideas, skills, and utilisation of social media platforms, embark on a journey to save innocent lives in Pakistan and aspire others to do the same. This year, our volunteers raised huge amounts of funds for the treatment of childhood cancer patients in Pakistan through the online platform of Yalla Give (IACAD Authori-sation No 4493).

The development and implementation of awareness programmes and fund-raising activities by our ambassadors enable them to strengthen their communication, networking, and problem-solving skills. It provides them the platform to become future leaders, influencers, and conscientious citizens within their communities.

Despite being thousands of miles away, IYAP Ambassadors continue to revolutionise the health landscape of Pakistan by engaging in philanthropic activities for the benefit of others. These young volunteers were under the mentorship of IYAP Ambassadors from 2021, who transitioned as proud Indus Ambassador Mentors. Mentors from Dubai College (Amani Tumbi, Ayaan Ehsan, Azlan Shah, Faris Saadaat, Haya Kashan, and Zahraa Muhammad), along with volunteers (Aaditya Nair, Alize Shahbaz Zobairi, Anoushey Saquib, Areesha Ali Fehmi, Ayan Shariff, Eman Ansari, Faris Ahmad, Feeras Ahmed, Mikail Hashmi, Rayan Hasan, Reza Tabba, Sabeen Shariff, Satvik Singh Kathuria, Syed Ahmed Iqbal, Zaina Akram and Zara Ansari), mentor from Jumeirah Collage (Pareysa Ahmed) along with volunteers (Aman Raza, Anaya Khan, Arhum Kamlani, Danyaal Shahbaz Zobairi, Halimah Anwar, Rayyan Ali Khan Lodhi and Zain Raza), Mentors from Wellington International School (Sophya Mashkoor), along with volunteers (Ashar Iqbal Awan, Maya Idris and Zoya Lakhani), volunteers from Jumeirah Primary School (Aiza Tumbi, Mohammad Daniyal Khan, Nile Gondal and Ziyad Akram), volunteers from Home Schoolers (Muhammad Raahim Zia, Muhammad Saaim Zia and Reham Zia), volunteers from Dubai Gem (PVT) School (Muhammad Omer Baig and Muhammad Talal Baig), volunteers from Dubai International Academy (Muhammad Irtiza Rafique Rana and Muhammad Talha Rafique Rana), volunteers from Nordanglia Dubai Academy (Jibran Hayaat and Musa Pervez), volunteer from American Academy for Girls (Noora Albreiki), volunteer from Dubai American Academy (Saif Shariff), volunteer from Dubai International School (Inaaya Amjad Khan), volunteer from JSS International (Riddhi Amit Khandewal), volunteer from Kings Dubai Jumeirah (Samiya Saadaat), mentors from Jebel Ali School (Samar Hasan and Saniya Hasan and our Mentor from Jumeirah English Speaking School (Taha Siddiqi) took part in this programme and proved to be a true example of the leaders from tomorrow while collectively raising Dh310,585.

We celebrate these volunteers today for going above and beyond to ensure quality healthcare services are provided to those in need. Indus Hospital, UAE branch believes in the power of the youth and through the programme, aspires to develop core values of empathy, collective growth and gratitude.

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