Trailblazers in digital payments

Muna Al Qassab, CEO, and Gigi George Koshy, Deputy CEO and Chief Product Officer at The Emirates Payments Services (Empay), on how the app empowers the UAE residents to go cashless

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Published: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 9:15 AM

Last updated: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 11:25 AM

How Empay stands out 

Empay, the world's pioneering contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem, is the first-of-its-kind, as it brings an ecosystem of payment options for the UAE residents in a single app. Empay brings superior and enhanced convenience to customers by eliminating the need to go to places like banks, ATMs, payment centres, exchange houses among others to make various daily, weekly, and monthly payments. 

The UAE's fintech industry is rapidly evolving. Empay is leading the change by revolutionising the way customers make and merchants receive payments by bringing physical stores to the fingertips of users located anywhere. For merchants, the convenience of portability in accepting payments from anywhere is a great advantage. It helps in quicker sales and expanding their customer base from traditional brick and mortar to an elevated regional and global presence through Empay.

Muna Al Qassab, CEO, Empay

Problem solving 

Health and safety: In the last few years, and especially in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a tremendous rise in worldwide contactless payments, with customers moving away from traditional cash, cheque and credit card payments. Contactless payment methods are becoming the norm with customers focused on reducing physical contact at the point of sale (PoS) for health and safety purposes, especially having to not physically enter their PIN or exchange cash. Empay fulfils this safety requirement through its contactless solutions. 

Secured mode of payment: Being a government initiative, Empay provides the highest levels of security for users' financial transactions and is PCI-DSS certified. With a rise in fraudulent and unregulated sites and apps, Empay is pivotal in advocating and providing safe and secured payments options instilling confidence amongst residents from all walks of life. For customers who prefer not putting their pin code during their tap and pay purchases, Empay also provides biometric fingerprint and face recognition options. This is an extra level of protection to the end-user for instant payments. All these measures are taken to ensure that users can transact with the utmost peace of mind.

Streamlining payments: In today's day and age, resorting to multiple modes of payments can be chaotic and wasteful. Empay helps users to track and streamline their small and large payments, all in one place.  

Effortless ease and superior levels of customer satisfaction: Today's customers prefer reduced carrying of physical wallets, cash, or cards. This makes it important for businesses to move to contactless collections that cater to customer delight in the shopping experience.

Gigi George Koshy, Deputy CEO and Chief Product Officer, Empay

The future is paperless

Highly financially and technologically advanced nations like the UAE are setting the trend for the same. Empay is changing the payments arena, thus making the UAE proud by being the world's first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem and not just a payments gateway.

Empay has a vast array of a growing number of services and merchants apart from payments. Users can avail all their day-to-day needs covered from ordering food, online education, and ordering groceries among various other services, to make it the one-stop go-to lifestyle app. 

Empay has recently started Empay Home schooling, a one-to-one live web based online education platform to enable students master their academic fears and excel in knowledge at their own pace from world-class educators across curriculums and subjects. 

Strategic partnerships

Empay has partnered with some of the largest government and private sector entities including Mastercard, the Dubai Economic Department and LuLu Group International amongst others. Its Mastercard-powered digital card enables citizens to use Empay for 'Tap and Pay' across the globe right from small micropayments to large annual payments.

All of Empay's communications constantly remind consumers about safe financial practices, data privacy and security which it considers being of utmost importance. 

In a few months, Empay will be used in various countries in the MENA region, India and other parts of the world.

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