The UX mission

Digital of Things, a Dubai-based consultancy, is dedicated to creating exceptional digital experiences by helping businesses understand their customers' needs and wants

By Ishtiaq Mehkri

Published: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 1:03 PM

Last updated: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 3:18 PM

For more than 15 years, Sudipt Shah, the Founder and CEO of Digital of Things (DOT), has honed his expertise in creating exceptional digital experiences for customers. His company specialises in user research, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, as well as UX training. DOT's state-of-the-art research lab is the first of its kind in the region and is equipped with innovative technologies including facial recognition to understand user's emotions and eye-tracking to see where users look while engaging with a brand.

A British national, Shah has laid his hands on multiple digital businesses and led digital initiatives in blue-chip companies such as IBM and the UK's largest retail bank, Lloyds Banking Group. But, he says his heart was in the Gulf region and found the UAE to be the best place to harness his digital dreams, yet he thinks not much had been done. He says companies were lagging in investing in the future. Shah relocated to Dubai in 2016 to help Emirates Airlines, known for its exceptional consumer focus, to improve its user experience.

The ambitious CEO has a vision to broaden this technology and make it usable for all and sundry in this digital age. Shah and his co-founder Brooke Cowling launched Digital of Things because they saw a need in the market as well as the space to make a difference - it was strategic thinking to spot the most lucrative region for a debut business.

With the UAE being one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with many nationalities and cultural differences at play, Shah recognised the importance of applying a local lens specific to this unique part of the world. Shah's team tests with a variety of demographics and customer intents, to create effective user experiences based on regional differences.

The UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities, and all of them have their own priorities, trends and habits of using online products. "This is where a UX study and research necessitates," he confided. 

Digital of Things has made great strides since 2018 and has designed a host of websites and apps. The state-of-the-art lab is capable of testing a variety of experiences on 'real people in real time'.

Digital of Things leads from the front in fomenting a UX culture. It's all about research and data around consumer preferences and business priorities.  This is where Shah comes in with his rich expertise and concurrent ideas.

People have a right to choose their preferred services to make life easier for them. As a result, companies marketing products and services online should gear up to adopt the UX vibrancy, in order to remain competitive.

"You cannot base your UX decisions on assumptions, and this is why digital firms are in need of data that evaluates the behavioural pattern of people," he points out. Identifying that aspect can greatly affect revenue and brand loyalty. It's all about understanding the localisation of UX.

Experts at Digital of Things study the nuances and decipher what customers look for. This data helps digital companies further their business in a new paradigm. The UX lab in Dubai enables such research, and this is the decisive edge of Digital of Things.

"There was limited understanding of UX. Finding and employing the right UX talent was a challenge. But we did it with success with a staff of 12 in three years," the CEO informed.

Digital of Things has bagged several awards, and the company eyes Saudi Arabia as its next destination. 

Shah is all praise for the UAE and says the government is pushing the digital agenda. The tech whiz advises the upcoming generation not to be fearful while taking up challenges. "All you need to do is to focus on the quality of work, and shine."

Shah is passionate about using data, analytics and research to drive decisions. His exceptional leadership and strong track record in delivering high-quality digital user experiences guide the growth of Digital of Things and the success of the company's clients.

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