The Sustainable Choice for Hydration

Established and built six years ago with sustainability as one of its core tenets, Mai Dubai has been delivering ecologically conscious hydration in the UAE and the wider region. The leading company has established itself as one of the leading bottled water options through its value-added products, environmentally mindful agenda, production, supply chain, and logistics solutions.

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 12:42 PM

Exponential growth

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO at Mai Dubai attributes the organisation’s explosive growth to its innovative approach to leveraging partnerships, its people and talent. “When Mai Dubai came to the market six years ago, there were already many bottled water companies, but the business model and its execution was old and dated,” explained van ‘t Riet. “We consciously chose to do things differently from the start. From its name, unique colour, packaging, and labeling to the bottle design, Mai Dubai prides itself on being consumer-obsessed and delivering innovation at every service point.”

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO, Mai Dubai
Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO, Mai Dubai

Sustainability at its heart

van ‘t Riet believes that Mai Dubai’s strength lies in the unique way it operates. “The difference is in the way we work with one another. From the organisation’s leaders, management teams, and every water ambassador, we come together to deliver mastery at work. Our objective is to provide consumers with the best hydration options without compromising on quality or harming the environment,” he added.

Mai Dubai has taken great strides to ensure sustainable growth and environmental consciousness through advanced technological investments. The company operates from a fully automated production unit that powers itself through a unique solar panel rooftop that produces more than 30 million kWh of energy annually. Additionally, through its multiple partnerships with organisations like DGrade, it is helping recycle Mai Dubai PET bottles into sustainable clothing and accessories. Talking about the same, van ‘t Riet said: “We’re always looking for new and out-of-the-box solutions for managing our products from the cradle to the grave. Our PET bottles use 10 per cent less plastic compared to the bottles when we started. Our partnership with DEWA and DGrade further endorses our commitment and responsibility to the environment.”

This passion for continuous improvement has also seen Mai Dubai mark its second year as a net-zero company. The organisation takes great pride in successfully providing consumers with innovative, safe, efficient products and services while remaining socially and ecologically responsible.

Leveraging learnings

However, it is not only Mai Dubai’s commitment to the environment that has seen the company register exponential growth. He said: “From an R&D perspective, we like to work two-to-three years ahead of the game. We are already at a stage where we are working on bottle cap and design solutions that further improve existing models.”

The organisation is also continuing to leverage its learnings from the past to vertically integrate and expand market penetration and product lines. Mai Dubai has firmly established itself as a leader in the alkaline, sodium-free water segment without compromising quality, taste and value.

“The future looks even brighter. We are a strong brand that’s young, ambitious and future conscious. As we continue to align ourselves with the UAE’s mandate towards carbon reduction, I’m excited for what lies ahead,” van ‘t Riet concluded.

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