The perfect resume decoded

With the job market growing in the UAE, find out how you can improve your CV or change your career path

By Rema Menon Vellat

Published: Wed 19 May 2021, 9:27 PM

Last updated: Wed 19 May 2021, 11:29 PM

Individuals who are re-entering the job market, after a long hiatus whether due to the pandemic and its fall out or other reasons, need to embrace the inevitable change in designation, remuneration and even sector. What worked earlier may not work now. 

Navigating through the job market during these uncertain times can be daunting. However, it is crucial to remain focused and positive to prevent the employment gap from interfering with your job search. With the economy opening, more jobs are becoming available. With the right approach, this career break will just be a detour in your career path.  

You need to demonstrate our inventory of skills, the activities you undertook during the break to hone your capabilities and acquire new skills through certifications online. The time you have invested in improving yourself and your knowledge base will be considered pivotal. 

One of the basic tenets of a job search is being honest and open-minded. Remember, no one is fully ready for any role but learns on the job, gains experience, makes themselves current and relevant. The more the recruiters learn about your strengths, the less they will care about the employment gap. One way to make your resume attractive is to talk about the impact created through roles undertaken, and skills honed or acquired. 

Staying involved in your career by working on projects as a freelancer or as a part-time employee, shows future employers your commitment to personal professional growth. To ensure recruiters understand that your employment gap is a result of Covid-19, include this information in your resume or cover letter. It can prevent recruiters from dismissing your resume. 

"The CV has to reflect job competencies such that the interviewer notices them straight away. It should have a strong statement reflecting objective, followed by work experience, education details and other information of relevance," states Sameena Zulfiquar, Managing Consultant, Career Quest Consultancy. According to her, e-commerce, education, healthcare, renewable energy and FMCG are looking up.

You may have all the credentials in the world but unless you have the emotional quotient - resilience, ability to empathise, adapt and be engaged with peers, and cultural intelligence - the ability to work in a multicultural environment, in an increasingly globalised world, you will be a liability, not an asset.  

"The recent announcements about the UAE citizenship law, remote work scheme and the 'Golden Visa' have also increased the appeal of the UAE to professionals around the world. With over 12,000 applicants in the last month alone, we have adopted technology to aid us within all aspects of our recruitment journey, relying on AI, video CV apps, online testing and more. The road ahead is certainly promising especially in the tech and data domain," said Suzanne Gandy, Director of HR for Bayut and Dubizzle. 

It is no longer 'one individual, one job'. People are taking up various projects and side gigs along with their regular jobs. Working on your long-term goals while simultaneously focusing on current goals are some strategies to be adopted.

Tips to make your CV attractive 

> Match the keywords in your CV with those in the job description 

> Limit it to two pages 

> Bolden important words 

> Use professional formatting  

> Mention leadership and teamwork skills, enthusiasm and personal drive, interpersonal skills 

- Rema Menon Vellat is the Director at Counselling Point

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