The modern necessity

By Fazalur Rahman

Published: Tue 31 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Television sets, have been through several stages to reach where they are today. What more awaits us?

Fazalur Rahman,  Marketing Director, Middle East and North Africa, Hisense Middle East FZE.
Fazalur Rahman, Marketing Director, Middle East and North Africa, Hisense Middle East FZE.

In today’s world, technology is not something that we go out and seek — it’s a part of our everyday lives. From watching select shows on a large box with gritty images, over a century ago, to now being able to binge never-ending content on high-definition flat screens, innovations in television technology have made significant development.

What was once considered a luxury has now become an essential aspect of modern lives creating a huge impact on our everyday lives, making us forget life outside the four walls of our home.

Evolution of Television

Since its inception, television has been evolving, but no one could have predicted where it would lead to today. In the early 1940s, only the wealthy could afford a TV set and were able to enjoy a black and white television, which worked merely on the basis of the white phosphor-coated screen, which represented an image. As time progressed, the next major technical challenge involved the generation of coloured images in television followed by the use of satellite transmission systems and the invention of videotape technology.

While continuing improvements in television technology, brands came up with high-definition TV models as well as Smart TV’s which was the culmination of years of evolution. With the younger generation hooked onto digital and over-the-top (OTT) content, smart TVs with built-in operating systems from streaming providers have now overpowered the old non-smart TVs.

Furthermore, with the latest innovations and technology, individuals and families can now control their TV sets with voice control capabilities, from the comfort of their couch, as they unwind and watch their favourite shows or connect to the internet, without the need of an external device, thus avoiding an additional gadget in their home space.

Innovative technology

Television screens are now clearer and larger with truer and brighter colours and unmatched sound quality. While bigger TV’s have always made a statement of their own, there has also been a widespread hesitation to purchase them due to space constraints. With innovation, brands are now offering flat-panel displays as compared to the gigantic tube TVs, larger screens, which have become more prominent, fusing luxury design with top-of-the-line technology and display. Moreover, new technology innovations in large screens like Laser TV is a step forward towards the next generation of TVs.

Next-Gen Television

A disruptive and innovative product, the Laser TV combines the advantages of projection technology and TV technology, which has surpassed the LCD TV in terms of user experience and image quality.

With incredible display technologies using three coloured lasers and a rotating mirror to direct the light onto a surface, the result is a gamut of colours and sharp images, providing an incredible cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, with reflection imaging technology and negligible blue light radiations, individuals can now binge-watch their favourite show without having to worry about the impact on their eyes.

Further enticing customers is the energy efficiency of the Laser TV, as the power required for lasers is less as well as the lifespan, which is longer as compared to any other TV.

Considered as the next-gen television, the global laser TV market is expected to grow in the upcoming years due to its impeccable features and qualities.

Trends to watch

Strange as it may sound, it is essential to keep up with the pace of technological growth today as what might be trending today may be obsolete tomorrow.

While 4K TVs are all the rage today, I believe we will be seeing more revolutionary technology from brands. On the other hand, while big 65-inch screens were very popular in 2020, we see an affinity for larger 85-inch and 100-inch models, with prices that might be within reach for many shoppers willing to splurge.

The innovative technologies, over the years, has only grown consumer expectations as they look forward to the next big thing to arrive in the market.

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