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Sameh Abu-Arqoub, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), American Hospital Dubai
Sameh Abu-Arqoub, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), American Hospital Dubai

There are none nobler than those who adopt the vocation of nursing. Today, American Hospital pays tribute to them

Published: Thu 13 May 2021, 11:54 AM

Last updated: Thu 13 May 2021, 2:06 PM

Two centuries ago, one woman shone the light on a calling that changed the way of caring for the sick and infirm. British nurse Florence Nightingale, born on May 12, 1820, heralded the dawn of caregiving that illuminates this noble pursuit to this day. American Hospital Dubai joins the world in marking International Nurses' Day and reiterates its commitment to uphold the true meaning of patient care.

Patient-focused care is our raison d'etre, and our nursing department plays a pivotal role in this purpose. American Hospital Dubai believes it is crucial to understand the range and complexity of this centrality. Since time immemorial, the world has admired nurses as exceptional caregivers. But this view is limiting in offering a complete understanding of their contributions. Nurses don't just help, empathise, and provide comfort to patients. They don't only maintain a patient's records, monitor treatment schedules, dispense medication and be the bridge between doctor and patient. A nurse's role is much more. Nurses are counsellors, advocates, problem-solvers, communicators, campaigners, change-makers, empowerers.

Their experiences and observations contribute significantly to healthcare policy formulations, and their personalised caregiving is the beating heart of healthcare delivery at the micro-level. Their contributions are vital to mitigating a crisis, and their intuitive empathy has turned back many a dark tide in a patient's life.

When Covid-19 hit, American Hospital Dubai rose to the challenge with the swift implementation of pandemic-control measures. Within days, we had opened three new departments, added 68 new beds, and recruited 135 additional nursing staff. This adaptability attests to the critical role that nurses play in healthcare planning and implementation. It is no exaggeration to say that without the contributions of our nursing team, this contingency measure would not have been fully functional. Our nursing team rose to the challenge magnificently. They worked selflessly round-the-clock without fear or favour, placing the safety and well-being of patients above their own.

Nursing today is a vast ecosystem of specialised skills, with each attribute having a definitive role in transforming healthcare. American Hospital Dubai is committed to being at the forefront of this transformation. We believe that our nursing team is an indispensable partner in our journey to set healthcare standards, so we are serious about helping them grow and reach their fullest potential through dedicated training programmes. We endeavour to upgrade their skills and acquire additional nursing competencies through online and classroom-based education models. By empowering our nurses, we are empowering healthcare.

2020 brought to the forefront a mighty truth that many had probably taken for granted: nurses have been, are, and always will be, at the forefront of alleviating human suffering.

"I take this occasion to extend my most profound appreciation and gratitude to the nurses of the world for their immeasurable contributions to the human condition.

We believe that our nursing team is an indispensable partner in our journey to set healthcare standards, so we are serious about helping them grow and reach their fullest potential."

Sameh Abu-Arqoub

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

American Hospital Dubai

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