The cosmetic surgery industry of the Middle East is growing

The cosmetic surgery industry has undergone drastic changes as the sector experiences growth. The Middle East has shown significant growth due to both — economic and lifestyle changes as well as to the region increasingly opening to the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest cosmetic surgery markets in the Middle East, with the UAE also covering a substantial share.

According to Dr Amir Mrad, consultant plastic surgeon at CosmeSurge Jumeirah Dubai, the technology is benefiting the customer and service provider alike. “We can now show patients a 2D or 3D model of what they would look like. However, we always remind them that this is a computer-generated image and not a guaranteed resemblance of the reality.” Another outstanding technology is within the instruments themselves, he explains. “For example, in liposuction, the cannulas are much better, we use ultrasound technology to break down the fat before absorbing it, the skin shrinks a little after the procedure – these are all great breakthroughs for the cosmetic world. In many aspects, I believe we have advanced a lot.”

According to Dr Mrad, the percentage of men undergoing cosmetic procedures have always hovered around the 15 to 20 per cent mark. “I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. I don’t see it growing more than 40 per cent unless people and their views change. I wouldn’t say that men are ‘busier’ than women, but their self-image is secondary. Women, in general, will take care of themselves, even if they are busy. A woman will find a way to incorporate procedures and other beauty techniques into her schedule.”

Dr Mrad’s advice when considering any cosmetic procedure is to “look for beauty from within and not mindlessly follow trends if they don’t really need work done. Always research the doctor you’re going to as surgery is not something to take lightly. Always inquire about your surgeon's certifications and qualifications.”

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