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Joseph Charles, Managing Director of Pinnacle Interiors
Joseph Charles, Managing Director of Pinnacle Interiors

Pinnacle Interiors has a reputation for executing outstanding design and build projects

By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Thu 29 Jul 2021, 12:00 AM

Joseph Charles, Managing Director of Pinnacle Interiors, has set very high standards when it comes to interior designs. He continues to perfect his vision with meticulous dedication and leads one of the best service-oriented companies that specialise in crafting architectural excellence and deliver design and build solutions that are second to none.

A professional team of architects, engineers and skilled craftsmen take their lead from Charles’

expertise and experience. The company has executed exclusive projects within the government and corporate sectors, and collaborates with international icons, too.

“We take pride in our classic and modern design standards, and work closely with our clients to produce the best,” the enterprising Managing Director stated. In the UAE, Pinnacle Interiors has set the bar high and continues to be at the forefront of designing and producing some of the most elegant and creative projects.

“One of our milestone projects was working within the Burj Khalifa for a private client’s office, in addition to the Sharjah Airport Free Zone offices, government enterprises, and extensive multinational offices which have been designed and built by Pinnacle Interiors,” Charles, a recipient of the Golden Visa from the UAE, confided. He added that Pinnacle Interiors have been appointed to work on two major pavilions for the upcoming Expo 2020.

The company was formed in 2011 and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, clearly establishing its presence in the UAE, which also has plans to expand into Oman and Saudi Arabia. “Our work is founded on the philosophy that a good interior is both functional and aesthetic, and it is growth-oriented,” he remarked.

Charles, who is a civil engineer by profession, has his heart and expertise in project execution and design. He graduated from India and further pursued higher studies at Harvard University. His journey began in 1996 in the UAE in pursuit of a career, and since then he has not looked back.

His passion for design and construction has excelled him over the years within the industry. He recalls a desolate site near Mirdif where his company originated and used to work at a time when Dubai was developing.

In 2000, Charles joined a multinational organisation and developed some of the greatest initiatives of his career. “It was a challenge to execute the design of many office interiors within Emirates Towers, and undertake the design and build of commercial interiors for several banks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” he prides.

While designing commercial projects for the governmental and private sectors, Pinnacle Interiors essentially focused on the healthcare and hospitality industry. To date, we have delivered more than 450,000 square feet of healthcare facilities. “Basically, we are a design and build company focusing on the commercial, retail and healthcare sectors, and recently we moved into residential interiors.”

Pinnacle Interiors collaborates with international designers and has a unique culture of liaising with industry peers. This speaks volumes on the professional approach, and this is what makes Pinnacle Interiors an industry leader for quality interior works within the UAE.

Pinnacle successfully deals with its European counterparts in furniture, fabrics and glass-fittings, and caters to MNCs, making sure that products and finishes are sustainable, ergonomic and of the best quality.

Charles says his company made use of the tough lockdown phase during Covid-19 to restructure itself and kept on going without any downsizing. This was all because of astute leadership and commitment to the staff. This has been proven and is followed by his vision.

Charles also partakes in giving back to society, teaming up with his college alumnus in helping outstanding pupils in education, back in India. Helping Outstanding Pupils in Education (HOPE), is an initiative aimed at supporting the academically brilliant but financially challenged students to complete grade 12.

For Pinnacle Interiors’ the sky is the limit.

“If you have a vision and believe in yourself; go for it. If your intentions are right, you will get through it.” — Joseph Charles

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