Tap nerves for pain relief

Published: Fri 3 Jun 2022, 10:53 AM

Our body is composed of hundreds of muscles and bones that are constantly being put under immense pressure in our daily life. Over the course of time, these muscles and bones are sometimes subjected to more than usual stress, leading to pain. Sore muscles, are a sign of muscle pain, or myalgia, which can indicate injury, infection, disease or other health problems. The symptoms of muscular pain comprise of a wide spectrum including a deep, steady ache or random sharp pains. Pain may be restricted to one particular area of the body or it may be experienced all over, depending on everyone’s unique condition.

There is no specific type that is susceptible to musculoskeletal pain as people of all ages and genders can have sore muscles. In most cases, one may experience delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when you try a new physical activity or switch up your exercise routine. Typically, it takes six to 12 hours after a workout for muscle aches to appear. These aches last for 48 hours sometimes. You feel pain as the muscles heal and get stronger. Other symptoms that may occur along with muscle pain include: joint pain, muscle cramps and spasms.

Managing pain

Chronic pain can take a toll on the daily lives of most people and they have to come to terms with dealing with it. While there are medications available to help relieve the pain, according to estimates, a majority of people resort to other means as they are not satisfied with the use of drugs.

One such avenue that has proven to be very popular with users has been Omron’s pain relief devices that use the principle of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It is a clinically proven method that successfully helps in relieving mild to moderate musculoskeletal pain. It is drug-free pain reliever that is specially programmed to target multiple body areas. Users can adjust the intensity according to their specific needs and the device comes with washable long-life pads that can be used up to 150 times.

A drug-free and pain-free life plays a crucial and much needed part in the lives of countless people suffering from musculoskeletal pain as they can now target treatment for specific areas such as shoulders, joints and muscles without having to bring drugs into their system.

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