Take your strides

If you're looking for a new pastime to keep you outside on a daily basis, we've compiled some of the best fitness activities to add to your must-do list

By Kushmita Bose

Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Are you seeking for a way to work up a sweat without having to go to the gym? Don’t have the energy to run circles around the track? Don’t worry, as there are lots of activities to do throughout the summer that will keep you in shape while providing some genuine adventure.

Kayaking - Kayaking is a great way to get your core in shape. Kayaking is not only enjoyable, but it is also scenic; many parks provide kayaking courses that take you all around the area. Low-impact sports like kayaking can help you increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. Specific health advantages include increased muscular strength and improved cardiovascular fitness. This can be done as a recreational activity, competitive sport or a holiday activity.

Trail running - It's time to do your workout outside if you're sick of running on the treadmill. Running up a hill provides a distinct sense of grounding. It's just you, your legs, and your determination to keep going up the winding route. As you steer over the rocks and roots, there's no space for hesitation or fear. Running uphill on rough terrains tests your coordination and mental focus while also reducing stress. The activity has been linked to relieve stress and enhance heart health along with maintaining flexibility.

Hit the court - Basketball is one of the most effective all-around workouts you can try out this summer! Shooting hoops strengthens your calves, thighs, and core while also increasing your stamina as you sprint up and down the court—so gather your buddies for a game of two-on-two or three-on-three basketball. Basketball aids in improved cardiorespiratory fitness and self-esteem by developing a healthy body weight as well as increased physical exercise.

Biking - Biking is a fantastic method to move around town while also burning a lot of calories. Use your bike instead of your car, whenever possible. You may cycle on the road, a bike path, or a mountain trail. Choose a flat bike route or road if you're a novice. Try mountain biking if you're looking for a more challenging workout that also works your upper body and core. Cycling on a regular basis stimulates and strengthens your heart, lungs, and circulation, lowering your risk of heart disease.

Play a game of football - Remember when you used to skip class to go play at the park on a nice day? Do it once more. Take a group of friends out for a game of football, but without the risk of causing a concussion with a heavy tackle. A game of football comes with multiple health benefits like greater stamina, improved muscular strength, and lower body fat.

Pool day - What's the best method to work up a sweat and stay cool on a scorching day? A dip in the pool! Swimming is one of the finest total-body workouts that helps build your cardio while also working your forearms, calves, and biceps. Swimming for an hour can burn almost as many calories as running, without stress on your bones and joints. So don’t forget to checkout any nearby pool and plan a day out with your friends.

Top tracks you can hit in the UAE

  • Kite Beach, Jumeirah
  • Dubai Water Canal
  • Al Rabi Tower, Khor Fakkan
  • Wadi Shawka, Ras Al Khaimah
  • Dubai Marina running track
  • Zabeel Park running track
  • Al Barsha Pond Park
  • Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi

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