Success for every student

Focused on creating a learning community that puts children at the heart of everything we do

At The Sheffield Private School (TSPS) we believe academic excellence should be accessible to students across all backgrounds at affordable fees. Our vision is to make our school the leading affordable British style school in Dubai. We encourage our students to reach far beyond the curriculum, enabling them to become young adults who are considerate of others, have the ability to listen and consider other perspectives and then form their own opinions and have the assurance to voice those opinions.

We aim for our students to be 'the best that they can be'. It is this very quality that we aspire to foster in all our students, through all that they do and learn. At The Sheffield Private School, our purpose is to transform the 'learners of today - leading tomorrow'.

We have the English National Curriculum at the core of what we do, enhanced by an enriching extra-curricular programme, which provides an opportunity for every child to succeed - the 'Ultra Curriculum'.

We are a school that embraces High Performance Learning (HPL), which provides young people with a powerful toolkit in the way they approach learning. HPL underpins everything that we do at TSPS. There are no limits to learning #limitless!

Admissions are open for FS1 to Y13. Put your child at the heart of our community. Contact us for a tour to find out what we can offer your child.

"We at TSPS are focused on creating a learning community that really does care and puts children and learning at the heart of what we do. As a school very much on the ascendancy, we aim to innovate a provision based on strong values, life skills and enrichment that align with our HPL philosophy and ultra curriculum."

James Batts


The Sheffield Private School

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