Steadfast Growth in the Face of Covid-19

In the electronics business for more than 25 years, Nikai continues to witness an upward trajectory

Paras ShahadadpuriChairmanNikai Group of Companies
Paras ShahadadpuriChairmanNikai Group of Companies

Published: Sun 15 Aug 2021, 10:49 AM

While last year has been about keeping the head above water for most organisations, Nikai interestingly entered new markets, witnessed diversification and managed to avoid any pay cuts for staff through the pandemic.

As a leading brand, Nikai has always focused on innovation and offered convenience to customers — one of the reasons why there has been an ever-increasing demand over the years. Another major advantage is ‘brand visibility’ within the local market, which continues to attract both local audiences and trade buyers. It is no surprise then that Nikai has consistently witnessed growth in exports.

More than 25 years into the business, Nikai has exceeded expectations and continues to witness an upward trajectory. Year on year, it has surpassed its own highest standards, which explains ongoing global expansion and new product developments. Based in the UAE, Nikai has direct operations in many countries, like Oman, China, Saudi Arabia, Georgia and Russia to name a few. Recently, Nikai expanded operations to Egypt.

Nikai offers an enviable line-up of more than 400 products across lifestyle entertainment, kitchen appliances, home care, personal care, cooling and refrigeration, and heating. The brand has over 60 million satisfied customers from all over the world, and this number is continually growing. Aside from physical stores, the brand’s presence can be felt online. The year 2020 saw a surge in Nikai’s online sales with the work-from-home culture and the increased requirements of electronics.

Secret ingredient of success

Offering a ‘value-proposition’ is the strength of the brand. It continuously works to adopt new technologies and bring innovations to customers at an affordable price. Nikai is the first private label brand to launch the WebOS Ultra HD Smart TV in the UAE.

Nikai was built with a single vision in mind: to be a brand that is synonymous with ‘reliability’, be it product, performance, price, or service, and Nikai has always upheld this promise. Acquiring an ISO 9001 certification was not only an attestation to that promise but proof that its operations and systems meet international standards.

The company’s proudest achievement over the last 25 years has been gaining the trust of millions of its customers who keep coming back. This explains the array of awards that grace the shelf at the firm’s Dubai headquarters: Dubai Quality Award, Dubai Service Excellence Award, ISO Excellence Award and the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award. The company also received an award at the Middle East Business Leaders Summit for its performance in the global electronics sector. Nikai has been recognised as a ‘Superbrand’ for five years and has been dubbed as the best retail outlet in the electronics sector by Dubai Service Excellence Scheme.


Brand value

Not only does Nikai value its customers, but the company also knows how to give back to the community. It has sponsored many worthy causes such as the Special Needs Foundation, Angel Awards, Dubai Cares, Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and a lot more. When it comes to education, Nikai has regularly sponsored awards at the Higher Colleges of Technology. When Covid-19 struck the nation, Nikai greatly contributed towards ‘Mission Vande Bharat’ to repatriate blue-collared Indian workers back home, through the efforts of IBPC and the Indian Consulate.


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