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Regular visits to the dentist are not the only solution for oral care

By Kushmita Bose

Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

To maintain oral health and hygiene, one must follow a routine that ensures necessary steps to avoid any infections and unwanted problems. We know brushing our teeth is a basic and irreplaceable step that everyone should follow without missing a day. But do you know there are other products that you can incorporate into your routine to keep away dental problems at bay?

The market is filled with products catering to various dental and oral needs, ranging from basic ones to pricier and fancier ones. Here are three types of such products that may help you in setting up a daily routine for you to maintain your oral health

Mouth wash — Not only are mouthwashes very convenient, but they are also a total saviour! They not only help you instantly with the removal of bad breath but also leave a refreshing feeling in your mouth. What is more, they also are available in different flavours and variety. From antiseptic mouthwashes to minty and fruity flavours — they come with a plethora of options. But beware! Choose your oral rinse wisely as the more fancy, the more are the chances of them having ingredients that can be a little too harsh on your gums and teeth enamel. Invest in a quality, alcohol-free mouthwash for your routine.

Flossing — Flossing is one of the most essential instruments for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Waxed floss is often simpler to use than unwaxed floss, but the floss that is appropriate for you is the floss that feels the most comfortable and easiest to use on your teeth. It's crucial to use the proper technique. Flossing helps to decrease plaque and the risk of tooth decay by removing food particles stuck between teeth that a normal toothbrush can’t do. This comes in a wide variety of flavours so you can easily choose the best one suited to your needs.

Tongue scrapers — The importance of these cannot be stressed enough. When debris builds upon the tongue, one may notice a white-coated film starting to form. Scraping your tongue with this tool will help the removal and prevention of this coating. Scraping the tongue can help with the reduction of bacterial infections which contribute to bad breath and the decay of teeth. Consistently using a tongue scraper even once every day would give better results. Also, it is important to be careful while scraping your tongue as there are chances of cutting or bruising the surface of your tongue if you do it harshly.

Interdental cleaning tools — Cleaning between teeth can prove beneficial. It can help in preventing various gum diseases, cavities, and plaque. These include cleaners like floss, interdental tips or brushes, toothpicks, etc. It is very important to ensure you use these cautiously and correctly, as harsh actions may lead to bleeding gums and end up doing more harm than good. So, if done correctly, these can help you in a long way to ensure clean and healthy teeth. You can consult your dentist to figure out which of these would be best suited for you. You may also invest in an oral care kit that is readily available and preferred by many as they contain one of each item, which is usually necessary to maintain a good oral routine for hygiene.

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