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Setting the Trend

With 40 years of excellence in multiple industries, Mapa Group has built a formidable name for itself through a strong customer base and an equity capital more than $1.1 billion

Published: Fri 11 Feb 2022, 12:00 AM

Mapa Group is a leading multinational company headquartered in Türkiye. Founded by the Turkish entrepreneur Mehmet Nazif Günal in 1976, the company built its first power plant — the second largest dam in Türkiye, and the first Hilton Hotel in Ankara within its first 10 years. With 40 years of experience in five industries; construction, hospitality, renewable energy, airport and air transport, Mapa Group has operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Employing 20,000 people worldwide, Mapa Group has completed $18.1 billion worth of projects through its construction and contractor subsidiaries in many countries including Algeria, Uzbekistan, Ghana, and Gulf countries as well as Türkiye where Mapa was founded and reached $5 billion for the projects that are in progress, as of 2021. Mapa Group stands out both in Türkiye and overseas with its strong customer base, commanding an equity capital of more than $1.1 billion.

Mapa Construction and Günal Construction companies, world-class contractors specialised in buildings and infrastructure, are the driving force of the group as well as the industry. Through its construction and contracting companies, Mapa Group combines its span of half-a-century of experience with its meticulous engineering approach to build the future. Via its local and international building and infrastructure projects, the group determines the rules of the sector and creates high-quality added value.

Mapa Group is a driver of the industry with real estate developments, industrial plants, dams, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, tunnels, airports, roads and motorways, reinforced concrete silos, sewage and potable water treatment plants, shopping malls and commercial centres, hotels, holiday inns, soil stabilisation, pile foundation works and large-scale building and infrastructure projects, using the latest technology. The Group's construction and contracting group consists of companies that have an expertise in geotechnical and piling works, mechanical and electrical, plumbing installations and assembly and architecture and design services for actualising dynamic, engaging, smart and contemporary projects.

Operating under the roof of Mapa Group, MNG Airlines is the largest air cargo firm in Türkiye with eight planes offering flexible solutions based on demand.

MNG Jet offers turnkey solutions in charter, operations, sales and maintenance of private jets with a dynamic and competent staff providing expert services and a know-how gathered through years of experience.

Setting the trends of the sector by completing Türkiye’s first thematic hotel project, Topkapı Palace, Mapa Group offers breath-taking accommodation experiences for business and leisure travellers with SLS Dubai Hotel& Residences, the mixed-use project, including a luxury hotel, hotel apartments and branded residences, and ‘World of Wonders (WOW)’ Hotels. Mapa Group brings a new dimension to the concept of travel agency by offering its superior experience in the sector with the diligence of boutique service with MNG Tourism. MNG Bilet offers 24/7 ticketing services while MNG Mice provides services in a broad spectrum of areas including events, motivational meetings and dealer incentive meetings.

Mapa Group supports the belief that economic growth, social welfare and sustainable development are achieved through renewable energy investments. We have been using our expert engineering and ethos to develop world-class projects in renewable energy production and the subsequent management of facilities since 2004.

The Group continues to invest in run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants. Seven out of ten hydroelectric power plants have been completed, with the remaining three nearing completion in the near future. The total installed power capacity of the power plants generate 164 MW and a yearly electrical production of 950 GWh.

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