Saluting The Spirit Of Harmony

Published: Mon 15 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

The Indian community has made the nation proud, ingraining themselves into the cultural fabric of the UAE

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In its 75th anniversary of Independence, India stands tall as one of the leading global economies. The trade ties it has maintained with other nations, including its neighbours in the GCC region, have solidified its role as a friendly and harmonious nation of well-meaning people.

India and the UAE share a bond of mutual respect, both at the civilian and government levels. The UAE has always been welcoming to Indians and is a preferred travel and work destination that houses millions of Indian expats, who see this nation as their home.

Indian expats living here have ingrained themselves into the local cultural fabric and are today strong contributors to the UAE economy in various capacities, including as entrepreneurs and job creators. The growth of commerce between the countries — including the contributions to the digital economy, is a testimony to this fact.

Remittances and foreign currency trade are a crucial source of income and livelihood for millions of people on both sides. As a responsible financial services provider with a substantial global presence, we at LuLu Exchange are proud of contributing to this flow of money in various capacities. We thank the wise and humanitarian rulers of UAE, the government and its people, for setting a conducive environment for personal and professional wellbeing.

Over the last two years, our role in strengthening the sector in the form of digital payments solutions, has added wings to our presence in the UAE. Sending money home has been made much simpler for Indians, thanks to our digital initiatives, including the continuous upgrades to our payments app, LuLu Money.

The several recognitions we have received from the competent authorities in both nations, motivate us to continue serving our best to make lives easier for local and expat residents of this nation.

We are buoyed by the remarkable level of cooperation and partnerships that the two nations share and convey our heartfelt wish to Indians in the UAE and across the world on the joyous occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence.

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