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George El Hajj, Regional General Manager MENA and Caucasus, RELX International
George El Hajj, Regional General Manager MENA and Caucasus, RELX International

RELX International, a young start-up in the vaping industry, is making huge headways in its plans to become a global leader

By Anthon Garcia

Published: Thu 29 Jul 2021, 12:00 AM

Although a relative newcomer in the vaping industry, RELX International has quickly become a major global player in the business. Established only in 2019, the company has become the leading e-cigarette brand in Asia and is pursuing key markets internationally, particularly the MENA and Caucasus regions.

George El Hajj, Regional General Manager MENA and Caucasus, RELX International, who is a veteran in the tobacco industry, said, “Our company is committed to providing a better alternative and helping adult smokers around the world switch away from traditional cigarettes for good. The future for adults who choose to use nicotine is in vaping and we aim to lead the way.”

For a relatively nascent industry, compliance with standards and regulations is important, something which RELX has achieved for its portfolio of products, which have been given the seal of approval by the European Union Tobacco Products Directive. Its latest device, the RELX Infinity, which incorporates industry-leading technologies to improve many aspects of an adult smokers’ vaping experience — such as sufficient amounts of vapour, comfortable temperature, optimal mouthfeel as well as sensitive activation — and boasts 11 structural layers that help prevent e-liquid leakages and condensation, won the 2020 Red Dot Award for Product Design, a highly sought-after recognition in the e-cigarette industry.

“The vaping industry is ready for a revolution. We believe that adult cigarette smokers will not switch to vaping unless we provide ground-breaking products and technologies. Our vaping products are made with the finest materials, to the highest standards, and are developed by some of the best designers and researchers from the technology and tobacco industries. We want existing adult smokers to easily make the switch and never go back,” expressed El Hajj, who is leading the company to a new era of growth on the back of its expansion in this part of the world.

The company’s mid and long-term objective is to ensure that RELX becomes the vaping brand of choice for adult smokers looking for better alternatives than cigarettes.

It is also taking its corporate responsibility seriously, affirming its central role in the establishment and future growth of the company. In this light, the company recently launched a global initiative called RELX Pledge, which is centred around the protection of minors, consumers, and economic livelihoods.

It is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, with three important pillars: Guardian Program, Golden Shield, and Green Shoots.

“Being an industry leader developing cutting-edge products and innovative solutions for adult smokers worldwide is just one aspect of who we are as an organisation. We know we have a responsibility to empower our customers and trade partners in a way that builds up the whole industry and will hopefully be beneficial for all,” continued El Hajj.

With a strong focus on innovation and social impact, RELX is on track to leading a rapidly growing global e-cigarette industry by providing quality and award-winning products for adult vapers.

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