Revive your skincare routine

Here’s how you can keep your skin supple during the summer months and all-year long with these must-have essentials

By Kushmita Bose

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Published: Tue 4 Jul 2023, 1:44 PM

Last updated: Tue 4 Jul 2023, 2:23 PM

The scorching heat of summer has arrived! The sun is beaming, and plans for beach vacations are in full swing for most people. But as wonderful as that sunshine feels on your skin, it can also cause a lot of damage. Just like your summer wardrobe, your skincare routine also needs an update for the hot, humid weather. The scorching heat can be unforgiving on your skin. The pollution, intense summer sun, heat, and humidity can give way to many skin issues. Tanning, dry patches, overactive sebaceous glands, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes, and acne – you name it.

Proper skin cleansing is more important than ever on hot summer days, when skin-irritating sweat, sunscreen residue, and other environmental contaminants sit on your skin, clog your pores, and leave you with a lackluster complexion. While cleansing your skin is must, it’s also true that drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy skin, so ensure that you constantly stay hydrated and choose a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that can help nourish your skin from the inside out.

As temperatures continue to soar, the time for a skincare switch up is a must. Want to avoid excessive oiliness and breakouts? You are not alone. Taking care of oily skin is tricky but possible. And since the sun rays are stronger during summer, avoiding tanned skin is another key concern. So, if you want to enjoy clear, glowing and even-toned skin this summer, these products are a must in your skincare regime.

Whether it's that last-minute zit that crops up, or whiteheads that refuse to part company with your nose, we'll agree that the ‘how to get rid of pimples’ conundrum is one that we all have faced at some point. Now buying a generic face wash won’t necessarily improve your complexion. For a cleanser to be most effective, you have to pay attention to your skin’s needs and pick the right product accordingly. That’s where the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Cleanser comes into play. With its gentle yet effective cleansing action, this cleanser is specifically formulated for blemish and acne-prone skin. Additionally, its antibacterial properties help eliminate skin bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth, promoting clearer and healthier skin. A good pick for the summers!

Summers are here, which means you better have your sunscreen ready! Year-round, SPF is the most effective way to shield skin from ultraviolet radiation, as well as premature aging, which is the primary cause of fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and blotchiness. Empower your skin this summer with Bioderma’s Photoderm Fluide SPF100 Light Cream that not only shields your skin throughout the day but also provides a moisturising effect for up to eight hours. The combination of the cellular bio protection patent and antioxidant Vitamin E reinforces the skin's defenses, protecting against photoaging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Tailored for skin prone to extreme conditions, this SPF100 formula offers exceptional sun protection, making it a good option for the season.

Between the heat and the radiation, the sun can be truly problematic. And one of the major problems caused by the sun? Dry skin. From itchy, flaky skin to sudden heat rash and sunburn, having dry skin is an absolute summer buzzkill. Luckily it doesn’t have to be with Bepanthen Derma Replenishing Daily Moisturising Body Lotion. Enriched with a special repair formula, the hypoallergenic lotion hydrates your skin from the root to the deep layers, providing instant and up to four weeks of long-lasting hydration. The formula's Vitamin B5 supports skin renewal, addressing the root causes of dryness. Say goodbye to flaky, rough and itchy skin!

With temperatures soaring outside, almost all of us seem to be struggling with unpleasant odour at some point during the day. Bad body odour can be tricky for most women, and it's time to put an end to those sweaty patches. Uriage Power-3 Deodorant Roll-On is the perfect investment for you this summer with its long-lasting protection against perspiration and odours. Formulated with a complex of anti-bacterial and anti-enzyme ingredients, the roll-on combats odours effectively, leaving you feeling fresh and confident all day long.

Another summertime skin care woe has to be dehydrated skin. Hot summer days can leave you and your skin exhausted. The La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum is a powerful anti-aging and hydrating solution, ideal for combating skin dehydration during the summer. Its unique formula combines concentrated pure hyaluronic acid, madecassoside, and Vitamin B5 to replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier and stimulate its regeneration and resistance. Got sensitive skin? Don’t worry as the serum can be a great choice with its rejuvenating properties.

Consumers everywhere are increasingly seeking out products that align with their own values. Thanks to the rising demand for animal-friendly products, more brands are getting on-board with 100 per cent vegan, plant-powered formulas that don’t compromise on efficacy. The Lovea Kids SPF50+ Very High Protection Spray provides immediate and effective protection for every sensitive skin. Its fluid, light, non-sticky texture with a fragrance-free scent is easy to apply and contains sun filters to respect the skin and the environment. Smile, your child is protected in all circumstances!

Discover the secret behind naturally effective, skin-friendly sun care with Lavera Sensitive SPF30 Sun Lotion. The lotion’s carefully balanced, natural composition with mineral UV filters, organic sunflower oil and organic coconut oil offers you immediate, reliable protection, along with reducing the risk of sun-related skin irritations, and sun allergies. A great addition to your vegan skincare routine.

For a stress-free summer, try the Lovea Monoi De Tahiti SPF50+ Very High Protection Spray and keep your skin protected, moisturised and deliciously scented with its carefully chosen sun filters that will work for your routine (and your conscience too!). The spray provides effective protection for skin against UVA and UVB rays.

The AMB Sun Fluid SPF30 deserves to be on everyone’s radar. The sun fluid provides a high level of protection from the sun. Thanks to its optimal UVA and UVB filters, that offer protection against damaging UV rays, along with providing complete moisturisation. That’s not it. The anti-aging complex with Vitamin E also protects your skin from premature aging.

Protecting your skin during the summer months is crucial for its long-term health and radiance. Remember, with the right sun care products by your side, you can protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. Gear up, soak up the sunshine, and make the most out of this season.

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