Recruitment 2.0 and the glocal approach

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Matteo Colombo, CEO of Profile Middle East
Matteo Colombo, CEO of Profile Middle East

Italian innovation in an international market; Matteo Colombo explains the disruptive approach to recruitment

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Published: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 11:15 AM

Last updated: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 11:17 AM

Covid-19 pandemic has unavoidably changed the life of us all. Each and every business sector had to readjust and cope with new needs and requirements. The recruiting sector was no exception, and Matteo Colombo, CEO of Profile Middle East, founded in Abu Dhabi in 1999, knows it well. The need to rely on expert recruiters, with a specific experience on the field, operating 24/7 in different geographic areas is now imperative. If this trend started before the pandemic, it’s true that it got exacerbated and even more essential after it. Hence, the idea to create a new tool at disposal of the companies working in the industrial sector, whose promise is to create a dialogue between companies and recruiters as has never been done before, offering a new, disruptive approach to recruitment activities for industrial projects.

Rec-Place was created last summer thanks to a strong intuition due to the multiannual experience of the group. It is the first global recruitment hub, one of its kind. It links the advantages that can be drawn from work portals to those drawn from HR agencies.

The idea behind is simple: a granular global network of independent recruiters sourcing and screening candidates for the clients of the platform. With Rec-Place the selection process has moved in a shared virtual environment where firms and recruiters can interact with each other from anywhere and at any given time.

This network is made of professional recruiters who get rewarded on a success basis, and who are not bound to a specific working place, or to a certain amount of commitment time. They run the sourcing and selection activity out of the platform, using the tools and networks they prefer. Being international but acting with specific knowledge and competence leads to a new definition: glocal, the merging of the global presence with the local expertise.

For the first time, the role of the recruiter can also be covered by a different type of professional: those skilled technicians who normally are the object of the recruitment activity. They have a unique understanding of the particular features, problems and dynamics clients will deal with at the project site and they also have a great network of contacts, which is often not really accessible by ‘standard’ recruiters.

Clients enjoy a number of great benefits too: thanks to a lighter cost of the infrastructure, the for the service are very competitive. Rec-Place is a closed environment, protecting the privacy of clients, recruiters and candidates. No self-candidature is possible too.

The team behind this project has a great seniority in the recruitment activity for the industrial world, this is why they can ‘certify’ the quality of those freelancers working in the platform.

“Rec-place is a simple but revolutionary idea, able to respond to the real problems of the working world,” says Matteo Colombo. “For 20 years we have been recruiting technical profiles for the industrial world, but today the needs of customers have changed: they need a global, digital and reliable tool, able to combine the efficiency of technology with the effectiveness of the human relationship.”

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