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Parsram Dhirani, CEO, Royal Golden General Trading
Parsram Dhirani, CEO, Royal Golden General Trading

Three decades in the business, with its core in sourcing, trading, and distribution of quality and safe spices, nuts, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables and herbs worldwide, Parsram Dhirani, CEO, Royal Golden General Trading says that the company continues to innovate and upgrade its products to meet customer’s needs

Published: Thu 8 Dec 2022, 10:10 AM

Royal Golden General Trading is a leading international trading company worldwide with more than 32 years of experience in the food industry. The company is led by Parsram Dhirani, CEO at Royal Golden General Trading. Talking about his early school years, Dhirani said that he had always dreamed of having his own business in either Dubai, Singapore, or Hong Kong. “After finishing my Master’s degree in Business Administration, I was reminded of this dream and decided that it’s time to turn it into reality,” he said.

Coming from a family business and entrepreneurial background, Dhirani took a chance and set up his business in Dubai in 1991. He recalled that when his business trip to Bangkok failed to turn up an interesting commodity, he travelled to Vietnam and discovered that they had just started producing black pepper. “During that time, Vietnam’s black pepper production was only at 10,000 tons a year compared with today’s production that is more than 250,000 tons. I was among the first few UAE-based importers of Vietnamese pepper back then when the total UAE imports was around 1,000 tonnes only. Today, the UAE is among the top three importers of black pepper, with total volume exceeding approximately 25,000 tonnes annually,” said Dhirani. Dhirani said that as consumer interest grew in the commodity, they were able to continue to increase their imports of pepper and at the same time, generate their market share to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America. “Today, I can proudly say that we are among the top three importers of black pepper worldwide,” said Dhirani, adding that slowly but gradually, the company added various other commodities in its portfolio which they traded worldwide. Owing to the rise of globalisation and the need to meet a stricter food safety requirement had led Dhirani to a decision of building their own state-of-the-art, certified HACCP- and BRCGS-approved warehouse facility which has a temperature-controlled, normal storage rooms and distribution facility in National Industries Park that has recently been graded ‘AA’, the highest standard available. “Apart from the UAE being a major trading hub, it is also a rapidly growing consumer market. This motivated us to also enter into retail.

By year 2018, we registered our brand ‘Mawa’ to supply all kinds of nuts, spices, seeds, and grains. Currently, we have more than 200 products that are available via e-commerce platforms in the UAE such as Noon and Amazon,” said Dhirani. “Our company’s success has been the result of top management and of each individual employees’ collaborative dedication, hardwork, innovative business approach, and reliability. Last but not the least, the importance of parental blessings over our life and destiny. Their unconditional support and words of advice can really help transform your dreams and make everything possible,” he added.

Talking about the secret behind the rise of the company, he further added: “Never miss any opportunity, if we spend too much time dreaming about it and not moving forward then we will never know what success would be like. I guess what I did is, I took the risk and put my knowledge into practice.”

“Our vision for the future is to fully infiltrate the retail industry and to continue adding more consumer brand products in the market,” said Dhirani, adding that in a bid to constantly innovate their business approach, the company plans to have its own sterilisation facility to supply completely safe products to the consumers and to continuously add modern production units to its existing automatic units for packing all kinds of nuts, spices, herbs, lentils and dehydrated fruits for own brand and also provide private labelling services to any client under strict hygiene conditions.

“We envision to become among one of the top three brands of spices and nuts three to five years from now,” he concluded.

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