Preserving The Ancient Craft

Handloom House has kept the centuries old art of handloom alive through its timeless weaves

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Published: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 12:22 PM

The art of handloom is an age-old traditional technique and custom that has been going on from time immemorial. A handloom is a loom powered manually rather than by industrial means. Basically, all looms are frames that hold the warp threads, those that run vertically for the length of the intended fabric, in tension. The warp threads are then interlaced with weft threads at a right angle, thus forming a weave. In Indian weaving vocabulary, sometimes the warp threads are called the tana and the weft threads are called the bana.

Handloom sarees are a traditional textile art of India. Completion of a single saree can take from 15 days to a month and sometimes up to six months to complete, depending on the intricacy of its designs and patterns. Some of the well-known Indian Handloom sarees are kanjeeevaram, maheshwari, ajrakh, parsi gara, chikankari, shibori, patola, chanderi, tussar, banarasi, kantha stitch, bandhani and munga.

Handloom House has ensured that this heritage continues to thrive and become a part of everyday life. The flagship store started in the year 1983, same location, under the name of Al Humaidi & Co. The shop was the first saree shop in UAE to cater to the Asian expat community.

Keeping the Heritage Alive

The aim was to introduce and raise awareness about a niche craft that might be well-known within India, but was not that common outside the country. That purpose led to the establishment of Handloom House as a brand in the UAE. Since then, the brand has endeavoured to stick to its mission of promoting handloom products, especially the techniques that were being obsolete. Because of the loyalty of its customers, the brand has stuck to its core of maintaining honest pricing policies. The brand established this brand identity to engage with its clients who believe in the mission, the story and helped them in achieving them. The staff at Handloom House are specially trained and educated before they present an attire to a client because each brand tells a story that they need to be well-versed in. It has always been the aim and mission of Handloom House to raise awareness and educate the people about this unique and centuries old art.

Handloom House sells only hand-crafted genuine fabrics and does not indulge in the sale of artificial and machine produced products, which though produced in large quantity, lack the finesse and delicate attention to detail that has come to become the hallmark of Handloom House.

Weaving Traditions

The customer of today is very aware as they will know if a textile has been produced through a power loom, it means that the quality of the cloth is not high because power loom produces in bulk and genuine authentic fabric that is of high quality is not produced through power loom. This is why genuine lovers of quality fabric appreciate the high price because they know that when they acquire a Handloom House textile, they acquire an asset which will only appreciate in value over the course of time. And that is basically what handloom crafted products symbolise. These are timeless pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. So that one grandmother will pass on her handloom crafted fabrics to her daughter who will then hand them over to her daughter or wife. Unlike fashion which is fleeting and is constantly changing, owing to the latest trends, timeless fabrics are works of art that never go out of vogue. Handloom House has a strong bond with its artisans who have been with the company over the years. In the face of advancing technology, the art of handloom is a dying art that needs to be kept alive and the Indian government and introduced initiatives towards that end. Handloom House has also played its part and the artisans have passed down their knowledge and skills to their children who continue to work with Handloom House and create breathtaking designs.

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