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Dr. K.P. Hussain
Dr. K.P. Hussain

Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman and Managing Director Fathima Healthcare Group applauds the great strides taken by India over its 75-year journey

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Published: Mon 15 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

On the occasion of India’s 76th anniversary of Independence, I would like to wish Indians across the world a very happy Independence Day. Throughout the 59 years of my life, I have been proud to see the diversity of our culture, our people and our nation. Indians are united, showing not only respect to one another, but also to the whole world.

India and its people have never failed in this respect. As a child, I used to read the newspaper eagerly, learning about the rapid changes that our great nation was making, which in turn, made me dream about the future, wondering when India would take its place as a leading country in the 21st century.

Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of Insurance Authority, UAE, honours Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman – FMC Network UAE for 'Best Medical Insurance TPA' for 2020
Ebrahim Obaid Al Zaabi, Director General of Insurance Authority, UAE, honours Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman – FMC Network UAE for 'Best Medical Insurance TPA' for 2020

Today, I can proudly and confidently say that the moment has arrived as India sits at the pinnacle of many fields such as IT, science, medicine and many others. This was recently underlined during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which our vaccine (COVAXIN) was used to help people all around the world. Today, we stand as a well-organised country in all segments, with a strong economy and great financial stability. This allows India to be a strong independent nation that allows freedom of speech, freedom of movement and other freedoms, guaranteed by our constitution, regardless of the governing administrations. All of us as Indians should be thankful this. As we celebrate our 76th anniversary, we can rejoice in the remarkable fact that the growth of India is closely comparable or better than that of the West. In fact, in many areas, we have now exceeded our competitors around the globe. As mentioned, the dream I had as a boy is now a reality and India comfortably sits as a leading nation of the world. Guided by our spirit and competitiveness, we have never failed and the world recognises the remarkable level India has reached in its 75-year history. I want to again pay my respect to the country which has trained us, taught us, equipped us and guided us to success. The Indian external affairs department has been key in the nation’s success, extending into many meaningful relations with countries around the globe.

One of these close relationships forged over years of history is with the UAE, where many Indian citizens have found a place to call home. This special arrangement between our countries allows us to live comfortably with innovations such as the Golden Visa, making it easier for Indians in the UAE. Other comprehensive economic initiatives mean that the future between these two great nations looks overwhelmingly positive. India and the UAE has a long history, stretching back to even before the UAE’s formation in 1971. Indian ships have been coming to these shores throughout the 20th century and have shared many things throughout the years. The UAE has now accepted India on many different levels with the partnership being mutually beneficial for both nations.

The comprehensive economic arrangement benefits businesses and business people extraordinarily. This agreement provides a gateway to showcase expertise and business knowledge from each nation. As someone who has been living in the UAE for over three decades, I hugely appreciate this. Looking forward, India’s 100-year anniversary is now less than 25 years away, but our dreams, targets, goals and roadmap is clear. India will continue to grow and further cement its place as a leading nation of the world. This, I am confident will not only benefit India, but the entire world. The Indian administration has always been a stable one, with well-defined guidelines providing stability regardless of any administration. As we celebrate our 75 years, we also celebrate our stability, being proud to be a leading country in this regard. When travelling around the world, it becomes apparent to me just how fortunate India is in this aspect. Our foreign policy dictates that each person across the globe is afforded and treated with respect. To summarise these values, India’s vision of happiness, good relations and a focus on moving forward will benefit us all. From the labourers that have built and constructed many nations around the world, to the leading Indian business owners that provide the world many jobs and expertise, the role of India as a nation is hugely important and ever growing. I take this opportunity to wish all Indians wherever you are, all the very best. Happy Independence Day!

I have been in the UAE for over 30 years and my company FMC will celebrate the 25th anniversary towards the end of the year. I see first hand the relationship between the UAE and India as an investor, businessman and medical professional. I see that the relationship is very fruitful and mutually beneficial for both nations. I am grateful to see the correlation between the UAE and India and would like to thank the visionary leaders of this nation for allowing me to be comfortable in the UAE, whilst achieving a degree of success. The two nations have a very close relationship, shared cultures and intertwined history. There are over 3.5 million Indians in the UAE who are happy and on behalf of them, I would like to extend our gratitude to the people of the UAE for treating us as brothers and sisters and allowing us to occupy a special place in your hearts. God bless India and the UAE.

As I moved on from being a practitioner, I wanted to see what I could do for this country, subsequently coming up with the concept of “Healthcare for all” for which a small premium could be used to cover all members of society. As I saw the infrastructure of the UAE develop, I saw how I could help. With God’s blessings and the help of the visionary rulers and various authorities I began to work towards my concept of “Healthcare for all”. Day by day I saw the growth of the UAE’s medical sectors. Many known worldwide names are now present in the UAE underlining the success those of us have experienced in the medical industry. I now see the UAE well on its way to becoming a global destination for medical tourism, that we will be part of, we want to bring patients who need support from across the globe to the UAE to help further our campaign of providing healthcare to all. On a need basis we will also have the ability to refer patients to India when such cases require it, with more than 200 partner hospitals available in India. FMC will also establish a US office to further our concept of “Healthcare for all” providing support and care to any members of society that need it. We also will extend our operations into under developing nations. With focus on a mix of government and corporate support sought to ensure that every member of society has access to healthcare. FMC strongly believe that every individual of every nation should have access to healthcare and we will continue to work until this is a reality.

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