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Raakhee SharmaFounderBody & Mind Yoga Center
Raakhee SharmaFounderBody & Mind Yoga Center

By Mitchelle D'Souza

Published: Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Raakhee Sharma, Founder, on how her yoga studio utilises a simplistic approach to deliver a wholesome experience

What classes do you offer for different age groups? Are there any specially themed workshops?

The classes at our yoga studio located in Ibn Battuta gate offices are tailored to suit kids in the age group of 4 to 16 years, and adults of different age groups are split among beginners, intermediate and advanced levels based on their health condition.

Yes, we do organise from time to time specially themed workshops, viz Hormonal Disbalance, Weight Loss and Sound Healing to address anxiety, depression, and various psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders.

What are the mental and physical benefits of yoga?

At Body & Mind, a centre for yoga and mindfulness, we combine with a simplistic approach the essence of the different yoga systems such as Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow, with emphasis on:

Posture alignment - for safety and injury-free practice

Hatha and Ashtanga - for strength and stamina

Vinyasa flow - for energy

The yoga asanas taught at the yoga studio are known to alleviate physical discomfort, and their relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques help to maximise an individual’s vigour.

How can yoga complement an exercise routine?

Inculcating the daily practice of yoga in everyday life can help an individual with increasing energy/reducing fatigue; alleviating physical ailments; relieving stress; improving concentration and focus; maximising creativity; and increasing positivity and boosting morale. In today’s parlance, yoga provides a means for people to find their own way of connecting with their true self.

How do your classes for beginners and veteran yoga practitioners differ?

With our therapeutic approach to yoga, we at Body & Mind teach yoga asanas, pranayama, cleansing techniques and meditation in a traditional way matching the pace of both beginners and advanced practitioners. Our classes are tailored to enhance the capabilities of beginners with a keen focus on pranayama and breathing practices, and for veteran practitioners, we focus on intense yoga practices like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Mandala Flow, Hatha Vinyasa etc.

What classes outside of yoga does the centre offer?

Besides traditional yoga practices, Body & Mind Yoga Center’s emphasis is also on activities that positively impact people’s minds, with physical and mental cleansing and strengthening programmes. The centre thus offers as part of its yoga package and on a standalone basis, special classes on Zumba, Pilates and Bolly Fitness.

What kind of diet is best suited for yoga?

A sattvic diet is recommended to achieve greater positive health benefits for those practicing yoga. Sattvic diet includes foods that are light and healthy, and that are thought to increase energy, happiness and calmness. A sattvic diet is a regimen that places emphasis on seasonal foods, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, ripe vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and non-meat-based proteins. Dairy products are recommended but to a limited extent. It is also strictly devoid of frozen, canned and processed foods.

Do you have online classes for those who prefer to stay at home?

Yes, taking into consideration the restriction on free travelling due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, and for those who have the willingness to practice yoga, and yet are constrained due to distance, we at Body & Mind do offer Yoga classes (corporate, individual, kids and pregnancy) live online on Zoom.

Are there any new classes/workshops that clients can expect soon?

Yes, we do have plans to offer something different very soon. We plan to start a fully accredited and certified Teachers Training Program for various levels, under the guidance of a coterie of yoga experts.

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