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With good NRI deposit rates and other investment options, the bank is a sound investment destination

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Published: Mon 15 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

Economists predict that it will be the world’s third largest economy and third largest consumer market by the year 2030.

A fast-growing Indian economy offers opportunities for non-resident Indians (NRIs) to invest in the country’s housing, equity markets or simple bank deposits.

Despite several challenges faced during the last two years, the Indian real estate market offers plenty of opportunities to invest. According to reports, a large number of NRIs have capitalised on transparent regulations and invested in real estate in India.

The RBI allows NRIs to hold accounts in Indian banks as business investors in India. There are various types of saving and deposit investment schemes based on the type of account. Joint holding is also allowed in these accounts, subject to certain limitations. This presents itself as an attractive investment avenue for NRIs who have parents or blood relatives back home in India.

RBI has also granted general permission for NRIs investing in India, who are willing to invest money in shares of growing companies in India. They have an option to invest in mutual funds, fixed deposits, shares and debentures of companies, government securities and national savings certificates. The limit of investment, type of company and few other factors are subject to regulations of RBI and SEBI.


1. Favourable taxation policies and provisions.

2. Loans against deposits to construct homes in India.

3. NRIs can directly invest in the Indian equity market using their own Demat account or Broker account and can deal with only one bank at a time.

4. NRIs are allowed to invest up to 5 per cent of the paid-up capital of the company and have 100 per cent funds at the time of buying. They need to have 100 per cent stock available to them while selling. No short selling is allowed.

5. This ensures that NRIs investments as well as the country’s interests are safeguarded.

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