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India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is a reflection of the Indian ethos

Published: Sun 15 Aug 2021, 11:12 AM

India pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai will soon be ready to exhibit the country’s cultural diversity, ancient treasures, achievements, and leading opportunities with cutting-edge technologies. The Indian pavilion, which is one of the largest pavilions at the Expo 2020 Dubai will feature an innovative kinetic façade made up of 600 individual colourful blocks. It is developed as a mosaic of rotating panels that will depict different themes as they rotate on their axis. It represents the theme of ‘India on the move’ and is a unique amalgam of the rich heritage and technological advances of the nation.

With less than 50 days remaining for its grand inauguration on Oct 1, 2021, the preparations at India Pavilion are in full swing. India’s participation is conceptualised to commemorate the 75 years of India’s independence and success. The India Pavilion will show the face of an India rising on the three pillars of opportunity, sustainability, and mobility – a nation ready to lead the world’s future.

Pavilion Themes

The inimitable four-storeyed India Pavilion is divided into two parts. The zones are identified based on 11 primary themes - Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban and Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, Golden Jubilee, Knowledge and Learning, Travel and Connectivity, Global Goals, Health and Wellness, Food Agriculture and Livelihoods and Water.

The India pavilion will showcase the country’s achievements, innovative technologies, and business opportunities it offers, as well as its cultural diversity and ancient treasures. From age-old yoga to India’s foray into space, the pavilion will bring alive a vibrant and ambitious India.

Logo and Website

India Pavilion’s official logo and website were recently unveiled by the Government of India. The logo has been crafted to give a new holistic global brand experience to India’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai. The logo’s circular form represents unity with commitment and the community which forms the central pillars of India; and signifies continuity and evolving lifecycles in one of the world’s most vibrant democracies and fastest-growing business centres.

The logo design showcases the chakra (wheel), which reflects strength, courage and progressive movement. The colours have been taken from the Indian flag, where Saffron symbolises strength and courage; White indicates peace and truth; and Green represents fertility, growth, and auspiciousness.

The India Pavilion will show the face of an India rising on the pillar of sustainability along with opportunity and mobility — a nation ready to lead the world’s future.

India’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai will be covered by the Pavilion’s website ( The website has been specifically designed to provide information to the public and visitors on schedule, events, and activities of the India Pavilion. In addition, the website will also feature states, themes, sectors and corporates participating in the India Pavilion.

Unique Structure

Located at the Al Fosan Park adjacent to the opportunity district, the vibrant India Pavilion is one of the largest buildings at the Expo 2020 Dubai, which is constructed on a 1.2-acre plot. The entire four leveled structure is divided into two parts — Part A and Part B.

Part A: Ground Floor

Space technology and astronomy - India’s journey into space technology and its success

Health and Wellness section - A forest of medicinal herbs and various forms of yoga for a healthy life

First Floor

Endless colours of India — an immersive experience of visiting Indian states and walking through their landscapes and art

Second Floor

India – The land of endless opportunities- "Make in India" (showcasing the various business and investment opportunities in India) and India’s partnership with UAE

Third Floor

Corporate India showcases India’s growing prowess in various sectors thematically

Multipurpose hall to engage in business discussions and later enjoy a movie

Part B:

While going down the other side of the pavilion, the visitors will walkthrough

Second Floor — Industry sector floor - Latest in industry and technology, products and services and unlimited opportunities for business (this will cover thematically: Climate and Biodiversity; Space; Urban and Rural Development; Smart Cities; Civil Aviation; SDGs; Education; Travel and Tourism; Smart Mobility; Health and Wellness; Agri and Food; Water; Youth; Women Leadership)

First Floor — States of India - Best of State and opportunities to the world

Ground Floor – 20 reasons to visit India

There is an amphitheatre outside; a food court; a restaurant and a retail area for visitors to indulge themselves.

The India Pavilion will also host and co-create leadership discussions, international trade conferences, business events and seminars. the visitors will also get the chance to witness star-studded nights, multiple cultural shows, Indian festivals celebration and relish the Indian delicacies.

The Pavilion building will remain for posterity as part of India’s legacy in the UAE after Expo 2020 ends.

To know more about the India pavilion, visit

"India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. We have carefully crafted information with interest and experience with entertainment and emotions for our visitors at India Pavilion. The entire pavilion is constructed in a manner to convey India’s legendary saga. Expo 2020 Dubai is an amazing opportunity to further strengthen India's diplomatic and business relations with the UAE and other 192 participating nations." Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to the UAE

"The World Expo is a global opportunity to collaborate for the post-pandemic economic revival. India is ready to showcase its business, technological, cultural, art, and leadership strength to the world at this mega event and promote the 'Make in India' campaign, Digital India campaign and the Start-Up India campaign." Dr Aman Puri, CG of India to Dubai and the Northern Emirates Deputy Commissioner General for India at Expo 2020 Dubai

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