One-stop holistic learning platform

Trusity empowers children to explore, discover, learn and grow through personalised courses

Published: Wed 19 May 2021, 5:29 AM

Last updated: Wed 19 May 2021, 7:38 AM

Trusity, the one-stop learning space, is the KHDA-approved Dubai-based edtech with a vision to empower learners through a holistic approach, help them realise their true potential and pave a pathway towards achieving their dreams. The platform offers programmes covering STEM, Life Skills, Languages, Competitive Exams Support, and Skill Development.

It empowers children to discover themselves by providing high-quality education by combining advanced technology with experienced and qualified teachers from across the world. The sessions are delivered through their in-house built dynamic platform P.I.L.O.T - Personalised. Immersive. Learning. Optimised. Technology.

Rajani Nalla, Co-founder and CEO for Trusity

"With over 50 programmes through which children can explore, discover, learn and grow, our courses are personalised based on their learning needs and delivered through live 1:1 sessions, in an interactive and engaging manner that supports them to develop a love for learning. We focus on delivering sessions through a project and activity-based approach as we strongly believe that children learn best and thrive while applying their knowledge and skills to create solutions to real-life problems. Trusity's programmes are curated and delivered by our experienced and handpicked tutors with a goal to make children innovative, creative and future-ready," said Rajani Nalla, Co-founder and CEO for Trusity.

With it being the headquarters and training partner for UK's International STREAM Olympiads in the UAE, Trusity has collaborated with over 40 schools for the world's largest project-based competition - the Top 100 Champions.

Through its Life Skills programmes, Trusity aims to build confidence, independence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in youngsters. These programmes enable them to develop and understand the significance of passion, adaptability and resilience in their entrepreneurial journey. Post completion of the Youngpreneurship programme, through Shark Tank they are also provided with real-time opportunity to pitch their business ideas to investors for seed funding. Tech programmes, including Coding and Robotics, bring a well-rounded approach to STEM learning as they inspire curiosity and innovation.

Trusity also focuses on motivating youth to learn new languages. By learning Arabic, French, German etc. students open a new world of opportunities and career prospects. In an increasingly competitive job market, with globalisation and bilingualism as an important skill, being able to communicate in alternate foreign languages would help them secure an edge over others. 

As a UAE-based firm, Trusity is well aligned with the UAE government's Vision 2021 to develop a first-rate education system by promoting the transformation through quality digital education. Trusity's learning path commences with truIntel, a multiple intelligence test that has been designed by educators and academic counsellors based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This enables the platform to determine the child's areas of interest and their strengths, based on which, courses well-aligned with the same are proposed. Once the student registers, a learning pathway begins with sessions that are curated based on the child's learning style and pace. Constructive feedback and performance reports are shared with students and parents through dynamic data-driven dashboards and monthly academic mentor meetings.

To know more, visit or call or WhatsApp: +971 55 141 1403.

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