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Ajman University launches a graduate programme in public relations and corporate communication, with top candidates standing a chance to compete for Graduate Assistantships

Published: Wed 28 Jul 2021, 12:00 AM

Student’s considering a master’s programme in public relations and corporate communications at an affordable cost will benefit from Ajman University’s (AU) assistantships, which are an excellent way to significantly cut the cost of earning the rewarding advanced degree.

The College of Mass Communications at Ajman University is offering competitive full and partial Graduate Assistantships to qualified candidates for its Master of Public Relations and Corporate Communication programme. Full assistantship covers full tuition fee waiver of nine credits per semester, plus monthly stipend and partial assistantship covers three credits per semester fee waiver only.

There are two categories of Graduate Assistantships: The Sponsored Graduate Research Assistant (SGRA) and the Sponsored Graduate Teaching Assistant (SGTA). A SGRA is provided with opportunities to develop research experience by working with a faculty member on research-related activities. A SGTA is offered with opportunities to gain teaching-related experience. Candidates are required to maintain good academic standing in the programme.

This rigorous graduate programme specialises in training new generations of public relation managers, media relation directors, strategic communication specialists, integrated marketing communication specialists, and is designed for those who want to pursue or boost their career in the broader field of corporate communications and public relations.

Dr Hosam Slama, Dean, College of Mass Communication, Ajman University

Dr Hosam Slama, Dean, College of Mass Communication, Ajman University, said: “The College of Mass Communication is fully focused on supporting students and making their journey as enriching as possible. Through this initiative, the Master in Public Relations and Corporate Communication offers opportunities out of the classroom to strengthen student’s existing skills, expand their abilities, and develop their talents that meet the international standards of excellence in public relations and help them gain hands-on experience before graduation,”

All applicants accepted for the Master of Public Relations and Corporate Communication programme at the College of Mass Communications at AU will be evaluated for the assistantship. However, places are limited and only the most competitive candidates fulfilling all the eligibility criteria will be awarded the graduate assistantship.

Reflecting on the programme’s potential to create career-ready graduates, Dr Samar Ben Romdhane, assistant professor at the College of Mass Communications, stated, “This is a valuable opportunity for building strong collaborative relationships and practicing higher-level of critical thinking. Involved in the latest research in public relations, graduate candidates will improve their analytical skills by learning how to collect and analyse data and apply findings to make data-driven decisions. As faculty members, we will mentor our students, involve them in our teaching or research-related activities, and assist them with honing the technical and practical skills required of a public relations practitioner to shine and excel in an increasingly digitalised, multilingual and global public relations context.”

For more information and to apply to the programme, visit https://www.ajman.ac.ae/en/academics/academic-programs-majors/programs/master-of-public-relations-and-corporate-communication-1.html

Dr Karim Seghir, Chancellor of Ajman University

How would you describe the ethos/culture of Ajman University?

Ajman University (AU) embraces diversity with 72 nationalities represented on our campus. The university is internationally recognised as one of the leading universities in the Arab world for its cutting-edge learning environment, impactful research, responsible outreach, and community engagement.

What new programmes have been introduced this year?

Ajman University strives to be up-to-date with scientific trends, especially after the suffering brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, AU has developed a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) programme — the first of its kind in the country. MSAI empowers organisations in the UAE, maintaining the technological advancement and development of Ajman University and the community at large. The programme will drive scientific research in AI not only within the AU community, but also in collaboration with other entities.

How does Ajman University stand out from other higher education institutions in the UAE?

Ajman University has once again been ranked among the top 750 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings 2022. AU’s international collaborations with universities offer students meaningful international exposure, while simultaneously helping them take advantage of opportunities in the resilient UAE economy.

Faculty Testimonials

Prof Chris Enyinda, College of Business Administration

“Just as it takes a village to raise a child, AU combines the efforts of faculty and staff to nurture successful students. That’s what we are all about at AU College of Business Administration — a place of light, critical thinking, and learning.”

Dr Maria Opulencia, College of Business Administration

“The combination of lectures, research and interactive activities with students provides a unique platform for in-depth examination of both practical and theoretical elements of business.”

Dr Siti Hanafi, College of Business Administration

“Since I joined Ajman University back in 2011, I witnessed tremendous improvement in the university in terms of teaching and learning, research development as well as community engagements.”

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