Nutridor: A Journey of Excellence and Sustainability

From the heart of the UAE, brand delivers dairy goodness, enriched with quality and sustainability, to homes worldwide

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Published: Mon 19 Feb 2024, 10:28 AM

Nutridor Dairy Manufacturing LLC, an integral part of the renowned TGI Group, has embarked on a remarkable journey, driven by a legacy of three decades in product Research and Development (R&D).

The New Home for Nutridor

Choosing the UAE as its new home, Nutridor has established a state-of-the-art dairy production facility in Dubai Industrial City. Spanning 100,000sqft, this facility operates at a capacity of 120,000 litres per day of liquid dairy. Powered by solar energy with an annual capacity of 100,000kwh, the facility is built to the highest standards, with a stringent focus on sustainability, clean energy, and zero waste.

“In the heart of our cutting-edge facility lies not just machinery but a commitment—a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and redefining the standards of dairy production in the UAE and beyond,” adds Sankha Biswas, CEO of Nutridor.

Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor.
Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor.

Exporting Excellence

Nutridor has achieved a significant milestone by exporting its exceptional products to the entire GCC region and parts of Africa. This accomplishment underscores Nutridor’s commitment to delivering excellence beyond borders.

Abevia Evaporated Milk: A unique formulation with a rich and creamy taste, enriched with proteins, Vitamins A, D, and Calcium.

Abevia Sweetened Condensed Milk: Filled with the goodness of Calcium, Proteins, Vitamins A, B1, and D3, it adds a sweet and creamy twist to a variety of recipes.

Abevia Cream: Low in cholesterol and rich in vitamin D, it enhances both sweet and savoury dishes.

“Abevia is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to quality, health, and taste. We take pride in the products we offer to our consumers,” adds Ashfaque Shaikh, Brand and Marketing Manager of Nutridor.

Nutridor has garnered widespread acclaim, winning the hearts of millions and earning the prestigious Superbrands award for three consecutive years.

“Our commitment to quality and taste has enabled Nutridor to reach diverse markets. It’s gratifying to see our products being embraced beyond borders,” expresses Manu Batra, Sales Head of Nutridor.

Nutridor’s journey is a symphony of excellence, sustainability, and taste, resonating across borders and enriching lives.

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