Nurturing Capable Individuals

Nouhad Doughan, Owner and Managing Director
Nouhad Doughan, Owner and Managing Director

Through its principle of guided risk-taking the nursery is doing its bit in creating well-rounded and self-reliant future leaders

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Published: Wed 24 Aug 2022, 10:16 AM

I read a quote a while back that stuck with me and it said: “Never stop a child who is doing something dangerous, carefully”. We tend to forget that the skill of analysing and taking appropriate risks is something that is learned and not a given. When our children are constantly being sheltered from small scratches, falls, and stumbles, they will lose out on the opportunity to learn how to handle much bigger obstacles that life will serve them later on. For children, resilience starts with standing back up after they stumble instead of protecting them from the fall, looking ahead to see their caregiver confident that they can handle it, instead of being worried and scared, trying to shield them from everything. Children absorb emotions from their role models and people whom they look up to for guidance and security.

At Kids Spot Nursery, we implement ‘guided risk-taking’. We will be there to help, guide, encourage and challenge all our children. But that scratch, that bump, that slip will ensure they grow stronger and confident of whatever life throws at them. Think of it a headstart to being ready for what the world will surprise you with.

“A family, a home and much, much, more. I used to call it my happy place and the time of the day when I used drop the kids there was the highlight of day. Best nursery ever! I love you all”, Lean Maroun (parent).

It takes a village, and we will be your tribe.

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