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Nation's Pride

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 12:00 AM

Sunny Varkey

Executive Chairman, GEMS Education

Congratulations to this nation of 1.4 billion people marks its 73rd Republic Day. India is one of fastest growing global economies. As the future-ready nation embarks on its next 25 years of journey, it has set highly ambitious goals for India@2047, when it completes 100 years of independence. I wish the nation success.

Dr. Azad Moopen

Founder, Chairman and MD

Aster DM Healthcare

Heartiest congratulations to the leaders and people of India. The demographic dividend of having the largest and youngest working population in the world will catapult India to the world’s centre stage soon. India is on the threshold of becoming a $5 trillion GDP being projected next year onwards. I wish my country all that is best.

PNC Menon

Chairman and Founder, Sobha Group

We value our close relationship with India and celebrate the strong ties between the UAE and India. Looking ahead towards the next 50 years, we envisage a deeper India-UAE engagement as we reaffirm our commitment to be the top choice for Indian buyers, investors, and stakeholders with timely delivery, promise of quality, trust and transparency.

Rizwan Sajan

Chairman And Founder, Danube Group

Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words, Pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls, Zeal in our hearts, let’s salute our glorious motherland India on this Republic Day, may all the sacrifices our great leaders have made never go in vain. Jai Hind!

Paras Shahdadpuri

Chairman, Nikai Group of Companies

India has unmatched potential and talent; we need to harness our demographic dividend. The country is on a fast growth trajectory. Our Digital India will mitigate corruption and generate growth in economy seamlessly. We are a world power, and we deserve to be a super power, economically and politically, on our own merits.

Siddharth Balachandran

Chairman, India Club

Let us celebrate the nation's remarkable achievements. As expatsliving in the UAE, we must feel proud of the growing relationship between our host country and India and hope that the partnership continues to thrive. May India continue to prosper regardless of the setback caused by the pandemic. Jai Hind!

Adeeb Ahamed

Managing Director, Lulu Financial Holdings

On the occasion of India's Republic Day, I convey my heartfelt wishes to fellow Indians across the world. As a progressive nation imbibing the best of traditional and modern values, India's strength lies in its people and spirit of unity. May this Republic Day inspire us to greater heights.

Dr. Surender Singh Kandhari

Chairman and Founder, Al Dobowi Group

The freedom we are enjoying today is because of the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. Paying tribute and respect to all our real heroes, here’s wishing all my fellow brethren a happy and a glorious republic day. Let us be united to make this country harmonious, prosperous and successful.

Dr. Dhananjay Datar

Managing Director, Al Adil Trading Co. LLC

Here I wish to thank all our visionary leaders who are committed to ensure that progress and development go hand-in-hand. The rich diversity of India offers a feeling of warmth, brotherhood, cultural bonds and where tolerance teaches us equality. Extending warm greetings to all on this day.

Dr. Shareef Abdul Khader

Managing Director, ABC CARGO

Freedom in mind, faith in words, pride in our hearts, memories in our souls. Let's salute our fighters who gave us freedom. Let us take an oath to our Mother India that we will do everything that we can for our country's prosperity. Let's come together and make it more prosperous and great. Happy Republic Day!

Dr. Ram Buxani

Chairman, ITL – Cosmos

Seventy-three years in the history of any nation is indeed not a long period, but in the case of India it is a period of reinvention, readjustment, re-understanding, and redevelopment knowing that Indian civilisation has existed for more than seven thousand years. I congratulate each and every Indian and wish our leadership continued success.

Kamal Vachani

Group Director and Partner, Al Maya Group

As India celebrates its 73rd Republic Day, I wish to congratulate all Indians and well-wishers from around the world. I also thank the rulers of the UAE for hosting more than 200 nationalities and specially the largest diaspora of Indians in the country. India is a shining example of cultural diversity, democratic rights and economic prosperity.

Faizal Kottikollon

Chairman, KEF Holdings

The achievement we celebrate today is the first step of the glorious future that awaits us as a nation. Be it research, education, entrepreneurship, our youth is overcoming the harsh realities of this pandemic and working hard to build a better life. We all shall do our bit in supporting the endeavours of our nation and take it to the pinnacle of success. Happy Republic Day.

Thomas KV

Chairman, Thomsun Group

India is future-ready and is taking giant strides as it sets its sights on its ambitious goals to be accomplished in 25 years. I wish the great nation success in its transformational journey under a visionary leadership.

Joy Alukkas

Chairman, Joyalukkas Jewellery

I wish every Indian a Happy 73rd Republic Day. It’s a day of pride and celebration, a day to honour our glorious leaders and martyrs who fought for our freedom and our brave soldiers risking their lives every day to keep India peaceful and safe. May India be blessed with peace, prosperity, growth, and greatness always. Jai Hind!

Suresh Kumar

Chairman, IBPC Dubai

This year’s Republic Day celebration is particularly important given that India and the UAE are on the cusp of signing India-UAE Free Trade Agreement, which both the Indian and business diaspora believe will cement our trade and commerce relationship even further.

Dilip Sinha

Secretary General of IBPC

Vice President of nVent Inc for Middle East & India

We are proud and happy to be celebrating India’s 73rd Republic Day. IBPC has been working with the sole objective of furthering UAE-India trade relationships besides creating opportunities for our business diaspora to network with both visiting Indian government and business delegations.

Raju Menon

Chairman, Kreston Menon

As we celebrate the Republic Day with great fervour, I urge my fellow Indians to uphold the four values that keep our great nation striding forward each day — Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Let us play our part constructively in India’s march towards its rightful place in the world. Jai Hind!

James Mathew


CEO and Managing Partner

UHY James

Through highest of highs and lowest of lows, India, guided by its powerful Constitution, reinforces its aspiration for a sovereign democratic republic. On the occasion of its 73rd Republic Day, as an Indian expat, I hope the flag of my homeland flies high through adversities and opportunities alike.

Abdul Salam KP

Vice Chairman, Malabar Group

This year, Republic Day falls in line with the celebrations of ‘India@75’ and it gives me great pride to see what the country has achieved in terms of technology, business, innovation, and start-ups. We still have a lot to achieve and need to work collectively and comprehensively to ensure inclusive growth.

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