Multidisciplinary delivery approach towards sustainability

For over 57 years, the enterprise has ensured a holistic and sustainable future for its clients

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2021, 2:16 PM

KEO is a creative enterprise, where innovation is a way of life. We are uniquely resourced with end-to-end services to take clients from inspiration – through conceptualisation – to realisation of planning, design or project delivery in the built and natural environments. For over 57 years we’ve led with vision, contributing to many of the world’s most ambitious projects, iconic places, remarkable experiences, and prosperous communities.

KEO believes in quantifiable sustainability, to not only adhere to regulatory requirements but to exceed them by pushing the barriers of sustainability in all project areas, from developing client’s briefs to project management, design, construction management, and post-occupancy evaluation reviews.


Sustainability for KEO is not just another function. It has been integrated into our multidisciplinary delivery approach for over a decade and is in full alignment with KEO’s vision for the future. For KEO, sustainability is a holistic design function; one that works in collaboration with all the other disciplines. At the beginning of each project, KEO goes through a process of understanding how sustainability can provide a tangible and material added value to the specific asset within the specific real-estate market sector. Sustainable projects for KEO are those which can tick the boxes for the future of the environment, for end-users, and for investors, and are in alignment with economical and financial sustainability.

KEO ensures sustainability is considered in all its projects, from commercial, hospitality, leisure, residential, communities, and sports facilities to master planning and infrastructure, from the earliest design stages, all the way through to construction and commissioning. KEO implements sustainability in all disciplines, including project management, architecture, engineering, and construction management.

Informed by research and actual delivery, the KEO Sustainability and Environmental Services team improves the management of the project lifecycle, from project identification, site selection, and feasibility to design and delivery. Services include:

Sustainability services: Sustainability and ESG strategy development services, Citywide sustainable infrastructure services, Carbon footprint services, Smart city services, Renewable and energy strategy services, Citywide energy strategy services, Green certifications ratings, Consultancy, Management, Advisory, and Auditing services

Environmental services: Planning, Policy and Development services, Environmental impact assessments services, Environmental due diligence assessments services, Environmental monitoring and modeling services, Environmental site supervision services, Contaminated land studies services

Waste design and planning services: Waste design services, Technical waste services, Waste transaction advisory services, Landfill services, Dumpsite remediation services

KEO’s wide range of award-winning sustainability services are aimed at developing and implementing a sustainable future.

Professional consultancy services: Carbon footprint, Environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures, Policy conception and implementation, Regulatory compliance, Smart technologies integration, Standards, KPI and framework development, Sustainability tools, Tailored consultancy

Green certification auditing and management: Barjeel (RAK), BREEAM, CEEQUAL, Dubai Green Building Regulations (Al Sa’fat), Envision, Estidama, GRESB, LEED, Mostadam, WELL

Technical expert services: Building physics and computational fluid dynamics, Carbon accounting, Energy and water audits, Indoor environmental quality studies, Microclimate and passive design modeling, Net energy and carbon zero, Research and innovation, Sustainable master planning and infrastructure optimisation

Nowadays, climate change is an urgent, global challenge and data is key to supporting climate action solutions. Our clients are developing communities, neighbourhoods, and cities for the future and this focus on full lifecycle decarbonisation is driving our innovation.

To understand the carbon reduction potential of cities, KEO has created proprietary software to evaluate the energy and carbon emissions associated with the development and operation of buildings, the materials of buildings and infrastructure, construction operations, life cycle water consumption, mobility, waste, landscape design, renewable energy, and future scenarios of power grid connectivity. iCRBNTM is a new and unique, city scale carbon accounting analysis tool developed by KEO which allows our clients to examine the best way to reduce carbon emissions through design, by offering an extended assessment of possible technical, design and master-plannning alternatives. iCRBNTM is one of KEO’s key solutions for reducing the impact of climate change by providing data-driven analysis to support decision makers for cities, communities, and large real estate portfolios. KEO’s tailor-made tool takes this one step further, allowing our clients to make educated and informed decisions about decarbonisation design by providing current carbon optimised scenarios and to assess their impact in the future. iCRBNTM can support the resolution of future challenges - today.

KEO’s digital tools also include an online environmental auditing and analytics platform which enables us to monitor the environmental and sustainability aspects of mega-construction projects with multiple developments and contractors.

KEO’s ambition is to plan, create, engineer, and manage the delivery of the environments essential to the success of clients and communities.

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