Milestone moment

Brewer Smith Brewer Group congratulates its long-standing partner JA Resorts & Hotels on its 40-year anniversary

Brewer Smith Brewer Group (BSBG) has offered its sincere congratulations to JA Resorts & Hotels on the occasion of the chain’s 40-year anniversary. The group says it is honoured to be a long-term project partner with both JA Resorts & Hotels and their parent company Dutco Group and is proud of the portfolio of world-class projects they have built together.

The partnership between the two groups began in 2004, with the design and delivery of the Dutco Group headquarters, Dutco House. This project holds huge significance for both BSBG and Dutco Group, with both companies still headquartered in the building to this day.

BSBG has worked on many projects with Dutco Group successfully, with its projects for JA Resorts & Hotels holding a special place within the company’s portfolio. BSBG’s introduction to JA Resorts & Hotels came with the refurbishment of the original flagship hospitality development, Jebel Ali Beach Hotel. It has completed the refurbishment of all lobbies, corridors, rooms and suites on a fast-track, five-month programme, while the hotel remained operational. It was a memorable project that cemented their relationship because of the success they have accomplished under very challenging conditions.

BSBG’s design for the latest addition to the JA Resorts & Hotels portfolio, JA Lake View Hotel, has become an award-winning hospitality project and spectacular addition to Dubai’s tourism sector. The attention to detail within JA Lake View Hotel sets the project apart, and the stunning amenities, guest rooms, and restaurants are truly world-class. The design exhibits a true understanding of the surrounding environment, the guest journey, materiality and functionality, and the hotel has been very well received by visitors from across the world, which is a source of enormous pride for all those who collaborated and worked so hard to realise the vision.

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