Migrate to six-star escape

Migrate to six-star escape

Reasons as to why investors should invest in Secret Bay

Second citizenship has quickly become today’s most coveted currency, especially when paired with a six-star escape and an astute investment opportunity. It is this that attracts discerning investors from around the world to The Residences at Secret Bay — the gold standard for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) opportunities — to take advantage of an array of benefits that go beyond citizenship.

Existing operation and ready product

Secret Bay has been successfully operating for 10 years and is widely known as one of the world’s most acclaimed six-star resorts. Therefore, citizenship investors can invest in an existing villa with a history of financial performance. From day one, investors are entitled to a financial return from their investment.

Competitive exit strategy

Citizenship investors can benefit from a robust resale market and sell their investment in Secret Bay to non-citizenship buyers who are acquiring second or third vacation homes in the Caribbean (after three years) or to citizenship buyers (after five years).

Extensive industry experience

Secret Bay is part of GEMS Holdings Limited, which owns and manages hotels that have successfully operated in Dominica for over 30 years. This means that Secret Bay has the experience and agility to navigate the challenges and ensure the future success of Secret Bay.

Global reciprocity programme

Beyond the dedicated service and privileged access one obtains from being a CBI owner at The Residences at Secret Bay, families will have further access to the portfolio of GEMS properties, as well as a global reciprocity programme with partner Third Home, granting CBI owners access to vacation homes around the world.

To learn more about The Residences at Secret Bay and why the Caribbean’s most environmentally-conscious island, Dominica, was named the

‘World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship’ by Financial Times visit,

secretbay.dm/cbi online, or for a consultation, please email residences@secretbay.dm.

Client Testimonial

Aly Kinawy

I was worried about investing my money overseas in a country I have never been to. However, when I read reviews about Secret Bay and how elite it treats its customers, I felt that level of treatment would be applied to investors. The contract was fair and reassuring. Secret Bay cares a lot about the interest and comfort of investors.

Gregor Nassief, Chairman and CEO

GEMS Holdings Limited

What are the benefits of second citizenship?

The Residences at Secret Bay's CBI investors obtain second citizenship with benefits including a passport offering visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 140+ countries and the option to invest in future mobility and security.

Do you see an increasing trend in the global citizenship space?

Between the destabilisation of some countries and the effects of Covid-19, global citizenship is today’s most coveted currency.

Has Covid-19 impacted this industry in any way?

Covid-19 has motivated investors to obtain an insurance policy through second citizenship that can provide rapid relocation amidst global uncertainty.

Anything else you would like to add?

The Residences at Secret Bay have an existing product with a proven track record and a competitive exit strategy, and is operated by a team with extensive experience, and offers a global reciprocity programme.

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