Renato N. Dueñas, Jr. Consul – General of Philippines in Dubai on the occasion of the 124th Independence Day of the Philippines

Published: Sun 12 Jun 2022, 12:00 AM

The challenges posed by the pandemic have tested the character of each and every one in all parts of the world. For overseas Filipinos here in the UAE, their usual strength and resilience, which they have developed through the years of being away from family, had to be redoubled as their usual worries were burdened by concerns about the health and safety of their loved ones back home, as well as how the pandemic would impact their own health and livelihood.

Overseas Filipinos here in the UAE are indeed fortunate to be in a country where they have access to Covid-19 vaccines and medical care, which helped considerably ease their concerns about getting seriously ill due to the virus. Moreover, their host country had carefully implemented and continues to implement measures that helped mitigate the spread of the virus. All these collective efforts by the host government and residents, allowed the UAE to re-open its economy fairly quickly and reinvigorate businesses that were affected by the global health crisis.

On this 124th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine Independence, Filipinos all over the world are called to rise to the challenge of a new beginning. Just as our forebears bravely confronted the unknown 124 years ago by declaring independence from foreign rule, our countrymen, particularly overseas Filipinos, must prepare themselves and look forward to the challenges as well as opportunities, that lie ahead.

Happy Independence Day to all our fellow Filipinos in the UAE and may you continue to be beacons of hope and strength for our countrymen!

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