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Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres offers the finest in healthcare through speciality services and world-class treatments.

By Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Wed 27 Jan 2021, 3:44 PM

Last updated: Wed 27 Jan 2021, 6:06 PM

Often many specialist healthcare providers offer a one-stop destination for all medical needs. However, the overlap of expertise cannot guarantee a patient has access to a professional that could provide dedicated treatment and solutions. In this regard, Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres, one of the UAE's well-established healthcare network and a top JCI-accredited healthcare provider, caters to patients' needs and well-being through an internationally-certified team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities. To date, Medcare has a total of 16 medical centres across both cities -15 in Dubai and one in Sharjah - with each serving prime communities across the city. Out of these, a number of them are speciality centres, while the rest are multispeciality clinics.

Paediatric Speciality Centre Al Safa, Sheikh Zayed Road

Children can be nervous and a visit to a healthcare facility is bound to leave them feeling anxious. At times the gloomy ambience of a clinic and its distinct scent can be off-putting, thus making parents' trips to the doctor challenging. Medcare understands the significance of these minute details, which is why it has set up a speciality centre that boosts a brightly-lit atmosphere, completed with colourful characters and signs to help them feel at ease.

Its paediatric speciality centre also features a highly advanced facility with a comprehensive range of outpatient and day care services that cover both medical and surgical requirements. Parents can rest assured that their child's health is in safe hands with Medcare's world-class team of internationally qualified doctors who have trained in countries such as the UK, US, France and India. Each professional provides personalised treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. The paediatric clinic is also fully-equipped with a laboratory wing as well as an in-house pharmacy, giving patients a one-stop destination for all medical needs.

Medcare Eye Centre Al Safa, Sheikh Zayed Road

Our vision is among the most precious of senses and plays a notable role when going about our daily lives. There are several conditions that could affect eyesight, which is why no matter the age, frequent check-ups are essential to ensure our healthy selves. Medcare has established a dedicated Eye Centre that specialises in various types of eye care for both children and adults. Its team of ophthalmologists offer high-precision, guideline-based treatment such as Lasik. Patients of all ages have access to expert treatment for refractory errors, congenital disorders, diseases and injuries of the eye, among others. The Medcare Eye Centre is also fitted with facilities for restoring eyesight through diagnosis and various procedures best suited for the patient.

Medcare and Camali Mental health clinic - Jumeirah

Mental health

The mind is a powerhouse that plays a vital role in our daily lives, however, it is also vulnerable to high levels of stress and other psychological trauma. The Medcare Medical Centre in Jumeirah is a multispeciality clinic that has an exclusive psychiatry and psychology wing. Its highly qualified team are experts in mental health, reeling in years of experience to diagnose, analyse and assist patients with guided and effective solutions for improved recovery. Positive reinforcement and state-of-the-art techniques help patients regain their independence and encourage them to strive for a healthier lifestyle.

Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy

The world as we know it has given us the convenience of having everything delivered to our doorstep, but also restricted mobility in our daily lives. This also applies to students and employees who spend hours on end with poor posture and long-term sitting.

Due to this, our joints are increasingly becoming strained, leading to muscle spasms and aches. The well-versed orthopaedics and physiotherapy at Medcare offer care like no other. With experts specialising in different body parts as elbow and shoulder, knee and neck, patients can access a variety of other treatments and rehabilitation care, to restore an active and fulfilling life.


A smile is worth a thousand words, and leaves an important first impression on others. Medcare's Dental Speciality offers the best treatments to protect that charm, while ensuring you experience the finest in oral hygiene and maintenance. From addressing decay and cavities to root canal issues and dental implants, patients can access a wide range of solutions to find comfort and preserve their appearance. Additionally, the units specialise in complete dental make over to improve your smile including whitening and veneers.

Medcare Medical Centre Jumeirah Dermatology and Aesthetics

With fluctuations in weather, diet, lifestyle or age, our skin is subject to changes - be it at surface level or skin-deep. Medcare's Dermatology centres are equipped to treat conditions ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Its highly qualified clinical experts and advanced treatments take care of both adults and children. Medcare as well provides an extended range of aesthetic solutions such as skin rejuvenation, facial and body contouring, anti-ageing, laser and hair loss treatments for both men and women.

teleMEDCARE Service and App at

Telemedicine has been making a positive contribution to healthcare during the pandemic, bridging the gap between people, physicians and health systems. teleMEDCARE, introduced by Medcare early last year, has been well-received by residents in the UAE, as the doctors on the platform are fully qualified to diagnose a patient's condition, recommend treatment plans, provide second opinions on previous diagnoses and give advice on prescription and non-prescription medications.

Patients can access the service through a web browser on their laptop; or the teleMEDCARE app on mobile devices, such as smartphones. The app is for both iOS and Android users.

With teleMEDCARE, patients can access:

Live Video Consultation

Consult a doctor without an advance appointment. From the website, simply click on ''Call Doctor Live Now'' button to connect with a doctor.


Appointment Booking Video Consultation

If patients are certain of the type of specialist they want, then they can arrange a pre-booked video consultation.

Lab Tests at Home

After a consultation with the doctor, patients may be prescribed some lab test. They can request a sample collection at the comfort of their home and receive results in via e-mail.

Order Medication

Patients can refill their prescription and order medication through a Medcare agent. They will arrange medication collection from one of Medcare's pharmacies.

Karim Braka, Chief Operating Officer, Medcare Medical Centres

Against Covid-19, the UAE's pro-active stance in responding to this global public health crisis has demonstrated its strength as a nation and it has been considered as a model for other countries. Despite many challenges, the public and private healthcare sectors have tirelessly shown that in extreme circumstances, healthcare players can still keep delivering safe, advanced and high-quality of care to the patients.

From this unprecedented health crisis, the UAE is definitely coming out stronger to pose as a regional and international healthcare hub. Its strategic location between Asia, Europe and Africa, state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest equipment and international medical experts, are making the UAE an obvious medical destination.

Karim Braka, Chief Operating Officer, Medcare Medical Centres
Karim Braka, Chief Operating Officer, Medcare Medical Centres

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